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    Welcome! Please read the rules before proceeding. Enjoy your stay!

    1. Search & FAQ first: Please always read the FAQ & use search before posting
    2. Comment with kindness: Start a conversation, not a fire
    3. Please don't ask for updates/videos/pricing: Announcements will be made when available
    4. Respect the work: No commercially sensitive remarks that could have legal or copyright implications - if in doubt don't post
    5. No clone machines: The X16 code is years of combined work & includes protected Commodore I.P. that was hard to secure. Only our team have permission to use it in this way. The unreleased X16 is not open source, yet.
    6. Report posts: If you see something that is out of line don't hesitate to report it as we cannot monitor every post. Posts with multiple unique reports will be automatically hidden pending moderation. Thank you!


  1. Commander X16 Forums

    1. Introductions

      Introduce yourself & welcome others to the X16 community

    2. 8.3k
    3. X16 Help & Support Lounge

      If you need help with any aspect of the system we've got you covered here. For the fastest results:

      1. Browse the known issues section
      2. Search this forum & Facebook group to see if the issue has already been discussed/solved
      3. If you can't find it, post your question so the community/developers can respond (& mark the best answer for future visitors)
      4. If it can't be solved, file a bug report/feature request
    4. The Lounge

      For discussion of any other systems, or non-retro chat, come on in!

    5. Hobbies and Interests

      All of your fun stuff. YouTube videos, music, games, art, Maker projects... let's talk about it here. 

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