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  1. Menu program (WIP)

    This is an unofficial concept program for a CX16 menu. Modify the DATA statements to add your submenus and commands. 
    This is currently just a demo to explore the look and and feel of a basic, BASIC menu. 


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  2. X16 Edit - a text editor

    X16 Edit is a text editor for the Commander X16 platform.
    Design goals:
    Use plain text files as the program's interface to the outside world Use banked RAM (about 2 MB) to store currently edited document Be able to handle large texts efficiently No limit to the number of characters per line or the number of lines in a document (other than the available RAM) Simple user interface inspired by GNU Nano Implement basic editing functions well - refrain from making it too feature-rich Support both ISO and PETSCII mode Tested with emulator version r38. Run with the following command:
    x16emu -sdcard sdcard.img -prg x16edit-x.x.x.prg -run where x.x.x is the program version.
    Source files available at https://github.com/stefan-b-jakobsson/x16-edit
    Released under GNU General Public License v 3 or later.


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