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  1. Concerto

    The CONCERTO synthesizer is what I intend to be the sound generating side of a music making software for the Commander X16. It uses the 16 voices of the PSG and aims to get the very maximum out of them. It is not quite there yet but has a lot of strengths already. The main features:
    32 synth patches 16 monophonic channels, each playing a dynamically assigned synth patch up to 6 oscillators per voice up to 3 envelopes and 1 LFO per voice pitch, volume and pulse width modulation volume control per voice ("velocity") save and load presets (currently 1 slot - yee!) Features that are planned (for the sound engine):
    wavetables (à la MSSIAH) pitch bend dynamically assignable modulation (e.g. for influencing vibrato depth while playback) snappier envelope option somehow include the YM2151 multi step envelope generator (MSEG) I wanted to put this out here so that people can work with it, even though it is still far from finished. The reason is simple: I don't know if I will finish it and even if yes, I don't know when.
    For more information, look into the README and the source files and/or send me a PM.
    If you find bugs, please let me know, or post an issue on GitHub.
    Find the devlog here: https://www.commanderx16.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1079-concerto-dev-log/ 
    Find m00dawgd's Command Tracker which will likely use Concerto: https://www.commanderx16.com/forum/index.php?/topic/978-command-tracker-dev-log/
    If you have problems with the audio quality in the "Try it now", download and run in the offline emulator with the command line option "-abufs 12" or more.


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  2. PSG Piano

    This is simply a single-octave piano that lets you select up to 4 waveforms to play simultaneously at the same frequency, at any chromatic note in the octave starting at Middle C.
    All controls are illustrated on the screen, with the number keys acting as toggles. Waveforms highlighted red will be played at full volume for any note.
    Code is available in the Lesson13 subdirectory of this GitHub repo: https://github.com/SlithyMatt/x16-assembly-tutorial
    You can see a demo of this program (along with a lesson on how use the VERA PSG with assembly language) on YouTube:
    If you are a member of my Patreon community (https://www.patreon.com/slithymatt)  , you'll also have exclusive access to a video in which I give a complete code walkthrough for this Piano program.


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  3. Command Tracker Pre-Alpha

    I've since removed the external file dependencies for building the UI which means folks can finally try Command Tracker out more directly in the emulator. A very basic song exists to start. There is no loading and saving yet and, as noted in the dev log on the forums, it's buggy and, as of yet, no real sound engine (rather a very very basic one) but it does work and demonstrates what I'm trying to work towards in a full featured tracker. It is modeled loosely after Impulse Tracker on PC. 


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  4. Music Player Library for BASIC Programs

    I wrote a library to enable BASIC programs play music in the background.
    It is compatible with Simplest Effects Sound library I released a while ago.
    To demo the library I included two BASIC programs:
    PLAY.BAS - Playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - it demonstrates the BASIC program doing other stuff including calling simple Effects 
    HOUSE.BAS - Playing House of the Rising Sun - it demonstrates a bit more complex music
    Full Tutorial and source code is available from my blog:


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  5. Tiny PCM Synth

    I wanted to explore the possibilities with the PCM output. This tiny synth generates a sweet tone from three sine waves, coated in a thin shiny silver layer of aliasing. To spice it up, I also added a delay effect. You can play it with your keyboard. Use Z and X to switch octaves.
    I do not plan to follow this route any further, because the possibilities are quite limited with the X16. I am sure one could do better than I did, but the X16 doesn't have enough power to provide a whole lot of flexibility in the sound generation (at least with PCM).
    Find the source here: https://github.com/biermanncarl/cx16-tiny-pcmsynth
    Feel free to reuse the code for your own projects!


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  6. MakeWave

    A waveform-generation instrument for the X16. Uses 4 channels of the Programmable Sound Generator (PSG).
    Follow development on GitHub: https://github.com/SlithyMatt/x16-makewave
    As seen on YouTube:


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  7. YM2151 SYNTH UI

    synthuiym2151.prgA simple user interface for the YM2151 synth.
    LOAD "YM2151SYNTHUI.PRG",8,1
    Use the keys as any tracker to play.
    Use the sliders an buttons with the mouse to adjust synth params.


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  8. X16 MIDI Player

    Commander X16 Midi Player v1.5
    Usage: LOAD "x16player.prg"
    [MIDI Filename].MID
    Midi file must be located in the same folder as the x16emu.exe emulator.
    Channel Volumes Midi Notes Bass Guitar Fretboard +) Next Channel (Bass Only)
    -) Previous Channel (Bass Only)
    ESC RUN/STOP) Exit Player
    Known Issues:
    Not all MIDI events are supported. (Pitch bend, etc.)


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