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cc64 is a small-C compiler, written in Forth, targeting the 6502 CPU.

It's hosted on the C64, on the C16 with 64k RAM, and now on the X16.
Runtime targets are available for all 3 platforms, on each host, allowing cross-compilation.

The code lives at https://github.com/pzembrod/cc64.
It's licensed under the 2-clause BSD license: https://github.com/pzembrod/cc64/blob/master/COPYING

See https://github.com/pzembrod/cc64/blob/master/Usage.md for usage.

See https://github.com/pzembrod/cc64/blob/master/C-lang-subset.md for details about the supported subset of C.

Released under the 3 clause BSD license.

What's New in Version 0.8.1   See changelog


v0.8.1 brings fixes for 2 bugs around declaring and exporting symbols for new runtime libraries. Thanks to buzzphp for finding and reporting them.
Also following a suggestion from buzzphp, v0.8.1 contains a zip file with cc64's Fourth sources in PETSCII format, plus the VolksForth kernels for C64, C16 and X16, to facilitate recompiling cc64 from source in case the Makefile setup doesn't work, e.g. on emulators under Windows or on real machines.
And finally the release contains improved testing, namely integration tests for the library symbol export, and the first unit tests for scanner and parser.


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Well, this is a paradigm changer! Now we can compile C code directly on the Commander, no need for external compilers. 



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