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Space Flight 1.0.2

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About This File

This is a game in progress. Gradually I'll update this game as it progresses, but currently this is a non-playable game.

You can find the complete code of this game here: X16_Code/cx16-spaceship at main · FlightControl-User/X16_Code (github.com)

You can try this game out in two ways:

  • Download all files in a folder, and run the space.prg from that folder running x16emu -prg space.c -run.
  • Download the X16.VHD into a folder, and run x16emu -sdcard x16.vhd. run the game by loading space.prg and run it.


What's New in Version 1.0.2   See changelog


Optimized the logic to:

  • Load graphics with own graphics loading code, calling CBM kernal routines in the CX16.
void cbm_k_setlfs(char channelchar devicechar secondary);
void cbm_k_setnam(charfilename);
char cbm_k_open();
char cbm_k_close(char channel);
char cbm_k_chkin(char channel);
void cbm_k_clrchn();
char cbm_k_chrin();
char cbm_k_readst();
  • Created functions as part of the veralib.h to set the attributes of the vera sprites.
void create_sprites_enemy2() {
    dword enemy2_sprite_address = VRAM_ENEMY2;
    byte const base = 12;
    for(byte s=0;s<NUM_ENEMY2;s++) {
        Enemy2Sprites[s] = enemy2_sprite_address;
        vera_sprite_xy(s+base40+((word)(s&03)<<6), 340+((word)(s>>2)<<6));
        enemy2_sprite_address += 32*32/2;
  • Optimized the zeropage addressing to reduce the amount of zeropage used.
  • Optimized the way the address is calculate from the dword address to set sprite addresses.
  • Created cx16_load_ram_banked routine, that can load sprites directly into the banked ram of the CX16!
char status = cx16_load_ram_banked(180FILE_SPRITES, (dword)BANK_PLAYER);
    if(status!=$ff) printf("error file_sprites: %x\n",status);
  • Created cx16_ram_bank to select the bank of banked ram from A000 to BFFF.
  • Created bnkcpy_vram_address function, to copy from CX16 banked ram (A000 to BFFF) directly into the vera VRAM.
// Copy graphics to the VERA VRAM.
    bnkcpy_vram_address(VRAM_PLAYERBANK_PLAYER, (dword)32*32*NUM_PLAYER/2);





Space.prg -sdcard x16.vhd
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Jesper Gravgaard


That looks really smooth!

It also looks like the beginning of an interesting game.


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