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Vixx 0.8.0

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The project : https://github.com/VincentFoulon80/vixx

Vixx: A bullet-hell game for the X16


Your Commander X16 got a virus ! Thankfully you have an antivirus called Vix that'll get rid of the evil software. You play as the Vix Antivirus, scanning the computer trying to locate and destroy the virus.


How to play :

Joystick / Arrow keys : move the player
Start / Enter : start the game, pause
B button / Ctrl key : Panic!

Your score increase over time, and also when you move near the bullets.
You score points when defeating bosses and also when panicking ( 100 points per bullets on panics)


Project status :

The game is still in its alpha phase. I'm implementing new features and do not focus on the content.

The first level is not final, and the second is just an infinite loop. It's more to give an idea of how the game will look.


Devlog :


What's New in Version 0.5.2   See changelog


  • Reset bullet and player's sprites on game init (issue #1)




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Whilst this is a very fun game as-is in its alpha stage that I very much enjoyed and intend to play again, I also look forward to seeing how it grows as I was left wanting the ability to attack at times (maybe that unlocks for all I know - I didn't get very far after all). Regardless, there is plenty to dodge to keep you busy, which is why this game is a great demonstration of the high number of sprites this machine is capable of - the screen was filled w/ bullets and no slowdown.  I haven't tried the panic button yet as I failed to read the instructions first, like a big dummy, so I intend to come back to give that whirl.


Richard M. Nixon

Response from the author:

Thank you Richard for your review 😄 I'm glad you enjoyed playing my game ^^

To answer your question regarding an ability to attack, It's unfortunately not planned, the simple reason is that this genre of game forces the player to focus on his movements to dodge the bullets, and thus aiming and firing back is kind of overly difficult (those games tend to have auto-aiming bullets so the player don't worry about aiming the enemies). I could reserve some sprites for player's bullets but there is barely anything to shoot at 😅

I'm hoping to hear you back once you've tested the panics 😉

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