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x16tial mouse aid 1.1.0

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About This File

The X16's default text screen is HUGE!  480% percent bigger than the C64's! Or is it 380%?  Whatever, it's nice!

This small utility is designed to help navigate this awesome space, primarily when developing in BASIC.

It turns the mouse on and enables:

Left Click:  Locate cursor where clicked.

Right Click: Clear screen and execute LIST.

load with:

LOAD"XMA",8,1   (or use XMA.PRG if you like typing, also LOAD can be abbreviated with L-Shift-O)

SYS 1024

The idea is that it really improves getting around large basic programs.  One hand on mouse, other on the stop key, right click to start listing, stop when need, click where you want to edit, boom. 🙂

** BUG **:  To prevent a lockup, after loading and activating XMA, just type a quick NEW.
If not, if you try to enter a basic program line (with a line number, not immediate) the emulator will hang.  Or you can just load an existing BASIC file.
This is probably a holdover bug from the C64 (or BASIC V2), where BASIC's memory pointers get set strangely when loading a program that doesn't sit in BASIC's memory area.

With 1.1.0, you can now SYS 1024 after doing a reset to reactivate XMA.

What's New in Version 1.1.0   See changelog


Fixed bugs having to do with the fact that I'm calling PLOT within the IRQ cycle.  So, it now updates "character under cursor" correctly, and will turn off any quote or insert modes that you happen to be in before clicking to a new position.

After loading this program, do a NEW or load a file, to get around the Out Of Memory error issue when loading a file with ,8,1

This build is good for R38, will probably need to be refreshed if memory locations change for character under cursor, and quote and insert mode flags.




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· Edited by desertfish


nifty!  I like the cursor positioning!

The list on right-click looks less useful to me though (F1 already does LIST -- although without a colon at the end, unfortunately). Perhaps we can think of other functions that it could do and make it configurable to select which one you would want? (via a poke or something?)

Response from the author:

Well, I've already prototyped having a right click menu of options. It's obviously more complex, uses the 2nd VERA layer to display the menu where you right click.  But you have given me the idea that a *quick" right click would execute the last selected item from the menu.  Ideas for options are:

list of course,
move to next blank line
move to next blank line and output next higher line number (would scan basic, find last line number and add 10)

Other options?

Link to review
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