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VTUI (Vera Text User Interface) library

Can be used to create text user interfaces using VERA instead of relying on the KERNAL functions for writing to screen.

The library is less than 1KB which means it can be loaded into Golden RAM at $400. As an alternative, include files are provided for Acme and CA65 assemblers.

See https://github.com/JimmyDansbo/VTUIlib for documentation, examples and include files. 




What's New in Version 0.7   See changelog


Code base in library has changed quite a bit, but functionality has not changed much. Routines that read or store color information now checks to see if stride value is 1, it is not, the color information is skipped. Include files now use the binary and are essentially just wrappers for the generic librarry.

  • plot_char, scan_char, hline, vline, print_str & border now only uses color information if stride = 1
  • print_str changed to take length of string in .Y instead of having the string be zero-terminated.
  • initialize function has been reduced in size
  • border & print_str use zeropage space to call subroutines instead of including them as macros (this saves some space)

Examples and documentation have been updated to reflect the changes.





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I liked to use Turbo Vision in days of DOS. Now I wish to try this in days of X16. )

Giving 5 stars based just on screenshots and documentation. Didn't actually try it myself.

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