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Continuing to re-acquaint myself with BASIC.   This is just a quick BASIC adaptation of a bitmap starfield, which also pops up the X16 logo that is included in the VERA typeface used by the "char" command in bitmap mode.   I messed with this about 10 years ago on a real Plus/4 and it was even slower!    I believe it was based off a C64 version that a friend had bundled with one of those extenders that added graphics commands as a wedge to C64 basic.     

There's a probably an easy way to add some depth-cue for the logos, maybe use just a single pixel for the 10% of the center of the screen; then a lowercase 'x' for the next 20% and then pop the logo to fullsize for the rest of its range of travel, but even adding color and flipping back and forth between stars and logo characters slowed things down enough that I cannot imagine further extensions it being worthwhile for a simple little BASIC demo like this.  

Usage:   Alter the combined number of stars/logos with the 'I' value in line 1.    Alter the ratio of stars/logos by changing the AND mask in line 2.   

Use any key to exit back to the text screen.   




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