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Flappy X16 1.9.0

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About This File

FlappyX16 is a complete port of the original 2013 iOS Flappy Bird game by .GEARS Studios, using my own assets from scratch.

While the main reason I made this game was to get experience in C programming for X16 using a real multi-file Makefile project, I also wanted to produce a completely finished, polished game for the X16 community to enjoy. I've learned a lot about using the various subsystems of the Commander X16.


  • Four selectible difficulty levels of play
  • Fun, addictive gameplay - Always "just one more" point to earn
  • Keyboard and joystick support
  • FM sound effects
  • Bright 4bpp graphics
  • Secret "Dark Souls" difficulty level

I have not yet tested the final version using SD card images, and will update the download file if I need to patch the game. Also, my project support R39 but I have not built that against the latest versions of the master repo on Github. I will upload an R39-compatible version once I update my copy of R39 and test the build.

I've really enjoyed making this game, and I hope the community enjoys playing it. It's a VERY addictive game. Trust me, I've spent HOURS just playing it when I should be adding features / fixing up my code

What's New in Version 1.9.0   See changelog


All core features implemented.

All user experience polishing complete.

Selectable difficulty.





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This game is pure evil! 🤬  I had to get my 13 y/o to try and get past level 5 needless to say he rubbed it in mercilessly.

However you have done a wonderful job propagating it to the x16!

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Travis Bryant moore

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What is this a flying rock game? The highest score on standard I got was 2 a measly score of two. That is how bad I am at this game. If I had the code I would cheat by adding a glide function to slow the rate of decent by double and add up and down controls to the thing. But that is just me. I hit up once and crashed a few times. Man this game punishes you for being lazy. I think it would be big in Japan.

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I have no idea what anyone would complain about. I was able to score 7 whole points on Brutal. This is a perfectly faithful adaptation of the classic "Dark Souls of tapping" title it seeks to emulate.

5/5, will tap again. And again and again and again, until I make 8 points.

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Edmond D


The graphics and sound are great, which shows a high level of design. I'd give that aspect of the game 5 stars. The gameplay is extremely challenging to the point I've given up on playing it more, as five seconds of play resulted in a collision on the easiest level. That earns the game an overall rating of two stars for me.  

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