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This is my second "Double PETSCII" demo.
But this time around, the screen resolution is higher, and
it is not hand designed PETSCII pictures, but instead it is an imported picture.

Besides PETSCII, there is also a scrolling effect, and a wavey effect.

The demo is written in KickC, and the PETSCII editor is once more the
alfa version of HyperPetscii.

The link to this can be found here: https://hyperpyxel.com/?p=229
Note: It is still pretty unstable and does not work well on a browser in the MAC for some reason.
If you cannot run it on an emulator, you can see it on youtube here: https://youtu.be/kwLtU9fACpE

Keep cool, and keep it PETSCII.




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Travis Bryant moore

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Nice little wavy demo of a pharo pic. Had some scrolling for words. I guess this was the best 8 bit could do. I wish there was a way to do 16bit pictures though taking two cycles per 16 bits  and get some nicer pictures. As far as that goes maybe it could do 24bit through three clock cycles. But I doubt that was even possible.

Response from the author:

Thanks!  For 16 bits per color pictures, I think you cannot on the commander 16, on the other hand you could go quite far mimicking it.
For example, you have 2 layers on which you can display a bitmap. Both layers can have their own (I think) palette of 256 colors. Making up to 512 colors.  Then per raster-line, you can change the palette as well.  And to top it off you could also use the sprites. So in theory, you could, with lots of fiddling and tricking, get almost every pixel to have it's own color.  On the other hand the palette registers only have 4 bits per component, so instead of 16 or 24 bit, you could squeeze out "almost true color" 12 bit pictures, which I bet, will look pretty nice...   Some ideas are coming to me now, maybe I'll try if I find some time in the future 🙂

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· Edited by evlthecat

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Chickenlips Forever!!  Love the demo!  As soon as I began to wonder, why the picture of Tutankhamen, there was the explanation scrolling across the screen!

Great joB!

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