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Petaxian 0.5

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I had been lurking on the forums for a few months when I found Prog8 and though this looked interesting. I.e. I could learn a new language and test out the emulator.

I recently saw some good demos using C64 emulator but just based on PETSCII graphics and I though this looked surprisingly cool. Then I remembered the old Galaga game on the C64, the one using just (a few) petscii chars. I thought making something similar would be a nice challenge.

The game is continuing to move toward what I consider a complete (but short) game. There are now 12 levels at which point the game will end in victory (bonus points for lives remaning). I am currently inclined to thinking that it's ok to end up with a fairly short and "completable" game. I still need to add some sort of simple high score handling. And there are always places that could use a bit of extra polishing but perhaps it would be better to spend that effort on another game.

If anyone want to have a look at the code, it's here : https://github.com/cyborgar/Petaxian

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Added link to source code

What's New in Version 0.3.1   See changelog


Added workaround for the joystick NES keyboard emulator issue, otherwise as 0.3

This has reached the point where I've noticed how much work remain to make a full game after the base gameplay mechanics is close to complete. 

  • More variation in enemy deployment patterns from 4 to 8 (though half are just mirrors of other patterns)
  • Increase bomb frequency as levels increase
  • Made "continue" messages flash (because it's cool isn't it?)
  • Added CX16 joystick support, run emulator with -joy1 NES or -joy1 SNES (not 100% sure a NES control work since I don't have one to test)
  • Re-did scoring info into control/score switching "subpage"
  • Some C64 updates
    • Added sound (still borrowing code from Tehtriz)
    • Rewrite several function to assembly to get some speedup
    • Other code optimizations (like use global variable to avoid passing parameters)

It's a slightly weird experience to "unlearn" some normal coding practices to optimize code (like using global variables to save time on parameter passing in subroutines).

Also note that keyboard fire button is now Z (would have liked to make that CTRL to match the NES keyboard stuff, but I'd have to figure a completely different way to read the keyboard input. Maybe later).






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· Edited by desertfish

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Amazing job, I really appreciate the complexity of your game so far: programming these movement patterns and petscii graphics routines using prog8

I love galaga and this could be a very fun game to play if it is fleshed out a little bit more, and adding some sound effects to it to top it all off   🚀

Hence 4 out of 5 stars, still a bit room for growth


edit: updated to 5/5 stars because the recent versions improved many things and sound effects have also been present for a while now!!

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I played it yesterday. Déja-vu Galaga :). It was fun playing. 

Very nicely done!

Some tips:

- try to make more aliens. 

- more bullets to be active simultaneously. 

- aliens to fire more. 

- more levels, I could play the 12 levels without issues. 

- try maybe to bring in more colours. 

- maybe larger bullet types?


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4 out of 5, since if it had sound and if it was a complete game it would get a 5/5 from me for sure. 

It is looking promising. And it also plays nice.  Nice PETSCII look and feel, and responsive.   I love Galaxian and Centipede type of games, so I will keep an eye on this one.


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Reminds me more of Gyruss on the Atari 2600 than Galaxian, which is a good game btw.

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I always like to see accurate use pf PETSCII.

This one looks relatively simple, yet very accurate and charming!

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Great job making petscii look so good! To me it almost looked like a low-res bitmap.
A pause feature would be great but otherwise a very fun to play game.

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