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STNICCC Commander X16 Demo Remake 1.0.0

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About This File

This is the release of a STNICCC Demo Remake for the Commander X16!

I have been (silently) working on this for the last couple of weeks/months. It is time to release it :). Let's just say: the Commander X16 is far more powerful than I had thought! 😉

Here is a video of it running:







PS. There was an earlier attempt to remake this demo on the X16 (done by Oziphanto on youtube). Oziphanto did a very nice comparison video of the X16 with several other machines of the 8-bit and 16-era:

He also re-created this demo, but (in my opinion) did not do such a good job extracting everything out of the X16: his demo ran in 2:32. The remake I made does it in 1:39! 🙂 🙂 

His benchmark comparison should therefore be updated:


Keep in mind the Commander X16 only has:
    - An 8-bit 6502 cpu (8MHz)
    - No DMA
    - No Blitter

Yet it keeps up with 16-bit machines like the Amiga! (actually its even faster right now)


Extra notes:

- This only works on the x16 emulator with 2MB of RAM
- It uses the original data (but its split into 8kb blocks, so it can fit into banked ram)
- Waaaayyy to much time is spend on the core-loop to make it perform *this* fast!
- My estimate is that it can be improved by another 10-15 seconds (I have a design ready, but it requires a re-write of the core-loop)
- It uses a "stream" of audio-file data and produces 24Khz mono sound (this will not work on the real x16, since loading the files that fast is a feature of the emulator only)

Here is a version without audio (so this should run on a real x16):

And it runs even faster (1:36:90) 😉 




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The Atari scene is coming to the X16!

I understand that running it on real hardware not possible due to the streaming data. Still, this is quite a feat.


Response from the author:

Here is a video of it running without audio (just like Oziphanto did):

This should be able to run on a real X16 btw 😉

And it runs even faster.

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Great work! This was recently done for the Apple IIgs which was the first I saw of it and have since watched the other versions.  Yours is a truly excellent implementation.

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Really nice.  🙂

My favorite demo on the X16 right now!

I have a silly question.
You mentioned:
   - It uses the original data (but its split into 8kb blocks, so it can fit into banked ram)

I am wondering, did you consider pushing the whole data in Vera Ram, there is 2 MB of it, and you could "stream" from there with the Vera pointer being auto updated after each read.   And what was the reason to not go for that?

Response from the author:

I have considered using VRAM, but its "only" 128 kb so that doesn't really help. It might help to get this demo to work on a 512kb machine (since we need 640kb of ram, we need to put the other 128kb somewhere else).

Loading the polygon data takes very little time btw. It's almost irrelevant from a performance perspective. For (uncompressed) audio it's different: thats much more data.

The "proper way" to do this kind of music data is to implement a mod-player. I might do that some time, but it was out of my scope for this demo. So I "cheated" a little with the audio. 😉

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Watched Ozyphanto's original version some time ago and was already amazed by that. This is one step beyond even !   Beating an Amiga , who would have thought

Doesn't matter that it's only simulating the 3d effect --- it's the end result that counts, and drawing 2d lines / polygons animated this fast, is a feat in itself

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Very cool!

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I have a question. What music plays?

Also when I downloaded it an ran it, It crashed on my windows laptop.

Response from the author:

The music is from Kefrens : Desert Dreams. Its originally from an Amiga demo, and also used for the original ST demo.

Not sure why it crashed for you. The emulator shouldn't do that.

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