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This is my third "Double PETSCII" demo.
But this time around, the colors are gone. It is only black and white.
This is a converted PETSCII picture,
the trick was to see if with no colors still some nice effects could be done.

Besides PETSCII, there are also a few effects.

The demo is written in KickC, and the PETSCII editor is once more the
alfa version of HyperPetscii.

The link to this can be found here: https://hyperpyxel.com/?p=229
Note: It is still pretty unstable and does not work well on a browser in the MAC for some reason.
If you cannot run it on an emulator, you can see it on youtube here: https://youtu.be/3x7OieGqQCg

Keep cool, and keep it (DOUBLE) PETSCII.

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


-Added possibility to skip text intro by pressing (and holding) the keyboard.

-Faster scrolling on the intro text.




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I'm sure this is a great demo.  But many seconds, perhaps minutes of slowly revealed text, is VERY annoying.  I, for one, don't have the patience for it.

Response from the author:


Thanks for your comment.
Good to know for sure. I did cut down on the text quite a lot actually, and was thinking now it is short enough, but indeed, maybe it is still too much.



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Very cool demo ! do agree with the other comment that there is a lot of text.

Response from the author:


Yep, I get that alot :), about too much text in this Demo.
Anyway, next demo's, (when I have time for making them), would be less text for sure.🙂

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It is impressive but I wish there was a little more too it then just one sprite moving and with a color background near the end. I was hoping to see more considering some of the crazy demos released on the C64. Also the time between transitions is a bit long... other than those criticisms I will still give it a 4 because I am sure you spent a lot of time making this.

Response from the author:

Hi, and thanks for the positive rating!

Yes you are right, it is not much compared to more modern c64 demo's.

It's more or less a demo to show of a text/graphics mode the c64 did not posses.  A lot of demos are geared towards hi end of the hardware, what it can do. how many sprites, how high the resolution, how fast the rendering etc.

This demo is more or less the opposite. It's a minimalistic  demo, showing off the "double petscii" mode.  This basically translates into "look, what cool graphics I can make, and I am not even in graphics mode".  In this particular case, I am even extra mini-malistic, since only using black and white.

Anyway, no sprites were used in this demo, only text characters 🙂


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