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BASLOAD lets you write BASIC programs without line numbers in the editor of your choosing.

BASLOAD runs natively on the X16. As it's name implies, BASLOAD loads BASIC programs stored on the SD card into RAM. While loading a file, it's tokenized so that it can be run by the X16's built-in BASIC interpreter.

Source files are stored as plain text that can be edited in almost any editor on the X16 or on a modern computer. There are, however, special bindings for the text editor X16 Edit making the programming workflow more convenient.

Instructions on how to use BASLOAD and source code may be found here:


Edited by Stefan

What's New in Version 0.0.7   See changelog


Loading the program changed. It is now loaded as a normal BASIC program. When you run the program it's setup. The setup routine copies the program code to its final destination in RAM ($9000).

New in this release is also two "wedge" commands that is setup when you run the program. These wedge commands are !L to load a BASIC program and !E to start X16 Edit. As before, you may alternatively type SYS$9000 and SYS$9003 respectively to start those commands.

New in this release is also that the start X16 Edit function first searches all ROM banks for the editor, and starts the ROM version if found. If X16 Edit is not present in ROM, the program as before tries to load X16 Edit from the root folder of the SD card.




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