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Modplayer 0.9

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About This File


Plays audio files that are stored in Amiga tracker module format.


  • when running via emulator, increase the audio buffers by starting it with:
    x16emu -abufs 32
  • RUN
  • type file name, e.g. "D1.MOD" (you can change or correct it by using the "del" key)
  • press "enter"
  • enjoy!


  • supports standard 4 channel mod files
  • supports mod files with size up to 504 KB or higher depending on CX16 memory configuration
  • user interface shows each channel with tone, instrument number and effect
  • mod file name can be set via keyboard

Known issues and limitations

  • sample rate is set to about 18 kHz, 8 bit, stereo to fix timing issues with channel mixer
  • volume is reduced by half to avoid clipping
  • no finetune for instruments
  • only supported effects are: "slide up/down", "set volume", "pattern break" and "set speed"
  • "set speed" effect doesn't support BPM setting
  • player speed can be slightly off as it is based on 60 Hz vsync signal wheras many mod files are based on 50 Hz PAL signal
  • first 2 letters of song name are missing due to the way how the kernal load routine is implemented
  • no control unit yet


Some sample mod files from different composers are included with this application.
All included mod files were downloaded from  [The Mod Archive](https://modarchive.org) and are licensed under Public Domain or Creative Commons.
The original file names were changed to work around file name problems.

List of included mod files and its original file names:

source: [songerson_-_dog39.mod](https://api.modarchive.org/downloads.php?moduleid=189675#songerson_-_dog39.mod) by [Songerson](https://modarchive.org/member.php?90970) is licensed under [CC BY 3.0](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/)

source: [musix-retrospective.mod](https://api.modarchive.org/downloads.php?moduleid=65133#musix-retrospective.mod) by [m0d](https://modarchive.org/member.php?69141) is licensed under Public Domain

source: [music-jump.mod](https://api.modarchive.org/downloads.php?moduleid=53213#music-jump.mod) by [m0d](https://modarchive.org/member.php?69141) is licensed under Public Domain

source: [evil_minded.mod](https://api.modarchive.org/downloads.php?moduleid=170000#evil_minded.mod) by [Zilly Mike](https://modarchive.org/member.php?69027) is licensed under [CC BY 3.0](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/)

What's New in Version 0.9   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.


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· Edited by Squall_FF8


Just tried it, and it's awesome!!! The music, the GUI - excellent work!
t gives me that vibes that it did when mod was a thing 🙂

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Just tried it, and it's awesome! 🙂
Some effects are still missing, which makes the second half of Lotus2.mod sound really awful 🙉 but everything else I tried sounded great. 🙂👍

Great work!


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Sounds amazing. Whats the cpu use?

Response from the author:

This is a good questions.
Indeed the cpu usage is very high.
The CX16 can play one PCM stream with up to 48 kHz, 16 bit stereo.
Mod files typically have 4 channels. Each channel must be able to play a PCM stream that can be adjusted in sample rate and volume independently.
They mayor part of the player is busy with mixing these 4 channels to the CX16 PCM stream.

At the moment the mixing routine takes about 100 cpu cycles per 8 bit sample.
So for 4 channels, it takes 400 cycles.
The CX16 runs with an 8 MHz clock, so the mixing routine can handle 20000 samples per second.
So the maximum sample rate can be 20 kHz.
As the player needs some cpu time to process the mod file itself and to refresh the screen, the sample rate is set to about 18 kHz.
So the overall cpu usage is about 95%.

I'm still optimizing the mixing routine to free some cpu usage.

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Hell yeah! Love seeing a project like this on-system!

I had to rename all of the files in the archive to use all-uppercase names before the player could find them. Not sure if I'm doing something different than you are....

Unfortunately for me, my all-time #1 favorite mod (Space Debris)  uses a lot more effects than the player supports yet, so that doesn't come out right, but as another person who's doing audio format related work, I'm quite used to hearing "first light" things like this. Great work so far, man!

Response from the author:

Glad to hear that you like this project. As you mentioned it's in an early development phase and I'm still working on it.

I uploaded the files again. Now they have all upper case.

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