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Crazy Lander 1.0.0

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About This File

Crazy Lander is another (mostly) BASIC game for Commander X16. We will introduce some new technologies not used before in our projects. It is a variation of Lander type games where we have to guide and land the space capsule to dedicated platforms using thrusters and navigating through natural and man-made obstacles. To make the game more challenging we have to be mindful of the fuel used and land gently. Few highlights:

  • Running in bitmap mode
  • It is a game of precision so we have to assure pixel perfect collision control
  • Animated obstacles unique to each level
  • Music and sound effects

Project Specs

  • Emulator Version R.38
  • Low resolution bitmap mode 320 x 240 in 16 colors on Layer 0
  • Use the menu system to choose difficulty, turn music on and off, display instructions, quit and of course start the game
  • Animated sprites for displaying capsule as well as thruster exhaust and explosion animation
  • Tile layer 1 is used for HUD and for messages and menus
  • Assembly subroutine for pixel perfect collision detection
  • 4 distinct levels with flexibility to add more
  • Scoring is based on the landing platform multiplier times the remaining fuel
  • Keyboard/Joystick controls
    • Left Arrow / Joystick Left fire left thruster pushing lander right
    • Right Arrow / Joystick Right fire right thruster pushing lander left
    • Space / Fire button main thruster pushing lander up
  • Music in the background using Music Library for BASIC programs
  • Sound effects using direct programming PSG from BASIC using VPOKE
  • 256 color splash screen

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


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Very nice BASIC game. It plays very smoothly. Is there a way to download a .zip archive of the entire program? I had to download each file individually and then go sort through my very messy Downloads folder to get the game working, but other than that, it is very cool.

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Nice little lander game! I had fun playing it. Love the little details in the background and the menus. Well polished!

Response from the author:

Thank you. Yes those things take 80% of the time while coding only 20%.

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  • Assembly subroutine for pixel perfect collision detection

Damn right, had one pixel of the landers legs off the blue stuff and dead.

Response from the author:

Haha yes. Coding that was in fact the most fun part of the project.

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Ed Minchau

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Hilarious.  I did in fact sleep through training.

Response from the author:

Ha ha, thanks Ed. From time to time I do find somebody who finds my sense of humor funny 🙂

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