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COLORGEN: A simple color generator written in BASIC. 1.0.0

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This is my first "proper" program written for the Commander X16, and it is written entirely in BASIC. I wrote it mostly so that I could get a feel for how logic and moving between sections of code works, as well as to help with understanding how to draw pixels to the screen using the PSET command. At the moment, I know there are ways I could optimize my code, but at the same time I'm not sure quite how much faster I could get the program to really run. If I make any real, tangible changes to the code, I'll update the file on here with what I changed.

Currently, the program offers four possible modes of drawing color to the screen:

MODE 1 - 2-COLOR (draws a random black-and-white static pattern to the screen)
MODE 2 - 4-COLOR (draws a random 4-color "3d goggles" static pattern to the screen)
MODE 3 - 16-COLOR (draws a random 16-color static pattern to the screen)
MODE 4 - 256-COLOR (draws the default 256-color pallete to the screen)

I know this really isn't much and there are far better demos for the Commander X16 out there at the moment, but I still feel proud of what I wrote, considering how inexperienced I am at writing for the system.

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