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Word Slide! 0.3-beta

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You get six chances to guess the secret word. It is one of about 2500 commonly-used English words with exactly 5 letters. Just type the word and hit RETURN/ENTER to see if you guessed it correctly. If you had any letters in the correct position, they will be highlighted as green. If you guessed a letter that is in the secret word, but in the wrong position, it will be yellow. Any letters that aren't highlighted are not in the secret word, so you can eliminate those from later guesses.

For more information and the code (which also can be built for the Commodore 64), check out the repo on GitHub: https://github.com/SlithyMatt/cbm-wordslide

If you see any apparent bugs, or words that should or shouldn't be included in the list, please enter an issue on GitHub, or a pull request with your own fix -- adding or removing words from the list (2500words.txt) is trivial, and an easy way to contribute to this project!

What's New in Version 0.3-beta   See changelog


More words, compressed word database for faster loading from SD card.




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I played this for hours. Will play again. Highly recommended.

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the downloadable PRG file does not work. although, i played the browser version and had some fun. this was pretty cool.

Response from the author:

What version of the emulator did you try? It should work with the R38 release.

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I love the original. And this one is pretty well done, too.

What I would add is something like a game statistic - how many rounds you solve with how many tries.

And of course a larger word list would be nice. I guess without using the banked memory (since the game can also be built for the C64) there are limits there. Maybe an X16-specific version using banked memory and a really large word list?

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Edmond D


A simple game fairly well done. I'm not sure how good of a clone it is of the original, since I've not played that version. 

The tracking of which letters are not in the word is a nice feature, plus the highlighting of those that are helps a fair bit. The difficulty (and challenge) would increase if this panel was removable - maybe as an option.

I'd make the following suggestions - allow the user to cursor over to a location and enter a letter at that position rather than always having to start at the first box. Also if the letter is in the correct location autofill it in all the subsequent lines rather than force the user to re enter it. Finally move the display to the centre of the screen. On my 76 inch monitor if is too far left 🙂

I believe this game is well done, but it isn't my type of game. 


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