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Calliope Zsound Music Player 1.1

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About This File

This is the initial version of Calliope, a music library player for Zsound's ZSM music files.

The current version of the player is complete as a simple browser/player. You can put any .ZSM files into any folder and it will let you browse to it and play them. This is the initial version, and is far from implementing all the features I want to do. However, this is not a work-in-progress mockup - it is fully functional and useful for browsing your audio assets if you're making a game, or just like listening to tunes.

The download includes a collection of various music I've collected and converted into ZSM format. The folders are organized by their source - most are from VGMrips.net (Arcade folder) but since the Zsound VGM conversion tool is able to convert other chips into the Commander X16's chips' formats, you'll find many tunes from Sega Genesis or games that used the YM2202. In the future, I will be adding even more chips to the conversion tool (NES APU being the one I intend to do next).

Furnace / Deflemask folders are also present with a few examples from Deflemask's demos collection, and in the Furnace folder is a collection of tunes designed NATIVELY for the Commander X16. Furnace tracker supports VERA PSG, and it can export these tunes directly into ZSM format. Some members of the Furnace discord have submitted demo tunes which are included along with .TXT files giving them credit (no meta data in ZSM for such details).

The next major feature will be to create, save, and load playlists of music and leave it running with your tunes playing back on REAL HARDWARE. What could be cooler than that?

The download is in the form of an SD image, as emulators do not let you change directories on the Host FS. I've also included ZIP archives for the entire collection+Calliope, as well as only Calliope and the default skin in case you only need to upgrade your player from 1.0


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What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


Skin support:
Calliope now has skin file support. It currently has only 2 skins, the original Amiga-esque skin BASIC.SK and the new default STEAMPUNK.SK featuring anime steampunk girl. The program currently loads the skin named DEFAULT.SK which you may overwrite with a copy from either of the other files included (in the SD or Files distributions). The player-only archive is a smaller .zip with only the player binary and default skin + intro ditty song. (you can download this one if all you want to do is upgrade your current copy)

The SD image is the recommended download, as the emulators do not support directory browsing on the host FS. The player will work on host FS but you will only be able to browse/play ZSM files located in the same directory it's run from.

Lazy Loader:
Calliope now begins playing the tune immediately whenever you select a song, even while it loads in the background.

Music library:
The music library included in the full-sized .zip distributions have a few additional tunes.
Attribution error for AHXSTYLE.ZSM has been corrected


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