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Commander X16 Emulator (Win/Mac/Linux) r41 ("Marrakech")

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About This File

Precompiled emulators for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This is the latest version. Older versions can be downloaded from the GitHub releases page.

(Note: To run on Mac use "Ctrl-click/Right-click > Open" instead of "Double-click" due to security protocols)

What's New in Version r37   See changelog


Main differences:


Emulator support for VERA PCM and PSG audio

YM audio enabled by default in the emulator

BREAKING CHANGE: The register layout of the VERA graphics chip has changed significantly. See the VERA Programmer's Reference for details: https://github.com/commanderx16/x16-docs

The VERA UART has been removed from the emulator (FPGA constraints).



VERA 0.9 register layout [Frank van den Hoef]

audio [Frank van den Hoef]

VERA PCM and PSG audio support

YM2151 support is now enabled by default

added -abufs to specify number of audio buffers

removed UART [Frank van den Hoef]

added window icon [Nigel Stewart]

fixed access to paths with non-ASCII characters on Windows [Serentty]

SDL HiDPI hint to fix mouse scaling [Edward Kmett]



API features


new: console_put_image (inline images)

new: console_set_paging_message (to pause after a full screen)

now respects window insets

try "TEST1" and "TEST2" in BASIC!

new entropy_get API to get randomness, used by FPLIB/BASIC RND function


support for VERA 0.9 register layout (Frank van den Hoef)


TI$ and DA$ (DATE$) are now connected to the new date/time API

TI is independent of TI$ and can be assigned


enabled partition types 0x0b and 0x0c, should accept more image types


separated KERNAL code into core code and drivers

support for building KERNAL for C64

ROM banks are built independently

support to replace CBM channel and editor code with GPLed "open-roms" code by the MEGA65 project

bug fixes

LOAD respects target address

FAT32 code no longer overwrites RAM

monitor is not as broken any more


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