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Commander X16 Emulator (Win/Mac/Linux) r41 ("Marrakech")

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About This File

Precompiled emulators for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This is the latest version. Older versions can be downloaded from the GitHub releases page.

(Note: To run on Mac use "Ctrl-click/Right-click > Open" instead of "Double-click" due to security protocols)

What's New in Version r38   See changelog


Main differences:

  • faster
  • VERA accuracy improvements
  • better SD card emulation
  • ROM: full-featured DOS implementation (SD card)

You can attach an SD card image with -sdcard; there is a sample image in sdcard.img.zip. See x16-emulator README on how to mount it on Mac/Linux/Windows, and CMDR-DOS README for the supported DOS features.


  • CPU
    • added WAI, BBS, BBR, SMB, and RMB instructions [Stephen Horn]
  • VERA
    • VERA speed optimizations [Stephen Horn]
    • fixed raster line interrupt [Stephen Horn]
    • added sprite collision interrupt [Stephen Horn]
    • fixed sprite wrapping [Stephen Horn]
    • added VERA dump, fill commands to debugger [Stephen Horn]
    • fixed VRAM memory dump [Stephen Horn]
  • SD card
    • SD card write support
    • Ctrl+D/Cmd+D detaches/attaches SD card (for debugging)
    • improved/cleaned up SD card emulation [Frank van den Hoef]
    • SD card activity/error LED support
    • VERA-SPI: support Auto-TX mode
  • misc
    • added warp mode (Ctrl+'+'/Cmd+'+' to toggle, or -warp)
    • added '-version' shell option [Alice Trillian Osako]
    • new app icon [Stephen Horn]
    • expose 32 bit cycle counter (up to 500 sec) in emulator I/O area
    • zero page register display in debugger [Mike Allison]
    • Various WebAssembly improvements and fixes [Sebastian Voges]


    • new macptr API to receive multiple bytes from an IEEE device
    • load uses macptr for LOAD speeds from SD card of about 140 KB/sec
    • hacked (non-functional) Commodore Serial to not hang
    • LOAD on IEEE without fn defaults to ":*"; changed F5 key to "LOAD"
    • fixed screen_set_charset custom charset [Rebecca G. Bettencourt]
    • fixed stash to preserve A
    • entropy_get: better entropy
    • optimized addition, multiplication and SQR [Michael Jørgensen]
    • ported over INT(.9+.1) = 0 fix from C128
    • updated power-on logo to match the real X16 logo better
    • like LOAD/SAVE, OPEN now also defaults to last IEEE device (or 😎
    • fixed STOP key when showing directory listing (DOS"$")
    • changed PETSCII screen codes $65/$67 to PET 1/8th blocks
  • DOS
    • switched to FAT32 library by Frank van den Hoef
    • rewrote most of DOS ("CMDR-DOS"), almost CMD FD/HD feature parity
      • write support
      • new "modify" mode ("M") that allows reading and writing
      • set-position support in PRG files (like sd2iec)
      • long filenames, full ISO-8859-15 translation
      • wildcards
      • subdirectories
      • partitions
      • timestamps
      • overwriting ("@:")
      • directory listing filter
      • partition listing
      • almost complete set of commands ("scratch", "rename", ...)
      • formatting a new filesystem ("new")
      • activity/error LED
      • detection of SD card presence, fallback to Commodore Serial
      • support for switching SD cards
      • details in the CMDR-DOS README
    • misc fixes [Mike Ketchen]



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