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Brixx 1.2.1

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This is a Breakout/Blockout/Arkanoid inspired game. 😀. It is my very first try on the X16.
You have to use a mouse or a joystick (cursor keys + enter on the emulator)

It's only tested it on the emulator (R37, R38), so if anyone of the few with real hardware can give it a go, I'm eager to know the result.

Available power ups (no keycodes, you have to catch the dropping badges):

  • [L]: adds one live to player
  • [M]: paddle is magnetic for 30 seconds. Can only hold one ball at a time.
  • [C]: twin laser cannon for 15 seconds, 16 rounds in a row (if you are quick).
  • [D]Duplicates ball, so now you can have fun with 2...

Keyboard commands:

  • 's': sound on/off.
  • 'p': pause game
  • 'q': quit game.

How to use with the local emulator:

  1. Unpack ZIP file into the same directory as the emulator.
  2. Start the emulator, then enter
  4. RUN

Or use the "Try now" button.

Let me know what you think...

What's New in Version 1.2.1   See changelog


  • Checking Kernal version
    requires r37 or r38




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Asad Rafi

· Edited by Asad Rafi

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Loved it!! Giving four stars because the sound is missing. If you could nail the sound I'll give it 5 stars, keep it up👍

RE: See I gave five stars!!

Also: I am running it on emulator in Windows, graphics are not working correctly(Screenshot attached). I am not sure if it's windows' emulator or something else.

Screenshot (5).png

Response from the author:

Thx 🙂. Looks like the Prg file doesn't find its Bin files. I use the Windows emulator myself, don't have that issue. Let's discuss it in the forum thread, pls post it there again.


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Awesome game, definitely captures the 16-bit feel, though more powerups and some more variety in background would be nice. Still, amazing game, taking advantage of X16's more 16-bit-ish side.

Response from the author:

Thanks a lot 🙂

With version 1.2 I've introduces differente background patterns and colors.

Thinking about more powerups now.

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Impressive, I particularly like the upgrades that are dropping down at certain times!  Reminds me of Arkanoid.

I was expecting upgrades to come out of a destroyed brick instead of just simply appearing somewhere.

Some upgrades didn't seem to do anything  such as the L ? I'm not sure though, have to replay some more.

Response from the author:

Thanks 🙂. The "L" power up adds one live to the player. Although the maximum is 5 in total.

Good idea with the drop position, I might implement that.

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Really great to see the improvements to this and incredible that it supports the mouse through the web emulator, just as it would a PS/2 mouse on the X16 itself. Great job!

(A small suggestion: The sound of each hit could perhaps be pitch-tuned randomly each time very slightly, within a semitone each way, to add more variety to each hit... Just a thought.) 🙂

Response from the author:

I actually do have 3 different ping sounds (for border, brick or paddle). You are right, I could randomly mix them. I want to further improve the sound effects anyway.

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A decent Arkanoid clone, but I've noticed a few oddities:

* The physics on the "magnet" powerup are a little weird, so the ball will often bounce off of the paddle and then stick back to it right away.

* When collecting an extra life as a powerup, the life counter will not proceed past 4.

* I was granted an extra life upon finishing the first level (not sure if this is a bug or an undocumented feature); I had already collected an extra life powerup, so now I had the maximum of 5 lives.

* Collecting an extra life will negate any other powerups you have (I'm pretty sure that's not how it worked in the original Arkanoid; correct me if I'm wrong).

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Travis Bryant moore

· Edited by Travis Bryant moore


It was a nice little break out like game. My laptop may not have been the best thing to use. I may have got some sticky stuff on the track pad.

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