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X16 Edit - a text editor 0.0.4

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About This File

X16 Edit is a text editor for the Commander X16 platform.

Design goals:

  • Use plain text files as the program's interface to the outside world
  • Use banked RAM (about 2 MB) to store currently edited document
  • Be able to handle large texts efficiently
  • No limit to the number of characters per line or the number of lines in a document (other than the available RAM)
  • Simple user interface inspired by GNU Nano
  • Implement basic editing functions well - refrain from making it too feature-rich
  • Support both ISO and PETSCII mode
  • Consider supporting syntax highlighting, if it can be done efficiently

Tested with emulator version r38. Run with the following command:

  • x16emu -sdcard sdcard.img -prg x16edit-0.0.3.prg -run

Source files available at https://github.com/stefan-b-jakobsson/x16-edit

Released under GNU General Public License v 3 or later.



What's New in Version 0.0.4   See changelog


Updates in v 0.0.3

  • A lot of updates to the UI
  • Bug fixes, especially problem with mem_delete function when passing page boundaries

X16 Edit might soon even be usable 🙂

Try it out. Please let me know if you encounter any bugs. Or bad language in the UI - English is after all a foreign language to me...

Updates in v 0.0.4

  • More bug fixes
  • Most of memory handler rewritten to handle hard to find bugs
  • Implemented mem_free routine
  • Improvements to user interface, for example implementing new document feature (CTRL+N)
  • Implemented function to show memory usage (press ESC and then m). Memory usage shown as "blocks free", inspired by 1541 disk drive







GNU General Public License v 3 or later
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