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Rally Speedway 2020 1.1

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About This File

This is a topdown racing game. If you ever played Rally Speedway for Commodore 64 or Atari, it will feel familiar. I consider it a late sequel, somewhat improved actually and hopefully still fun.

Starting the game:

(The TRY-IT-NOW-button is disabled because the game is developed for the latest release of the emulator (r41).

All game files should be in the same directory. Depending of how many game controllers you have, this is how you start the X16 emulator:

  • No controllers: Just start the emulator and use the following keys: Ctrl - Button A, Alt - Button B, Enter - START, Cursor Keys - UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT. Naturally, you can just play in one-player-mode.
  • One controller: Start the emulator with -joy2. Player 1 will use the keyboard and player 2 the game controller.
  • Two controllers: Start the emulator with -joy1 -joy2.

For example if you have two SNES controllers and want to load and run the game immediately: "x16emu -joy1 -joy2 -prg rallyspeedway.prg -run"


  • Up - Start the race when cars are in position
  • A Button - Brake (the cars will accelerate to maximum speed automatically)
  • B Button - Return to menu when race is finished
  • Start Button - Pause game

Further instructions

This is an open world racing game. For every track there is a certain distance you have to drive. When you have driven the given distance, you are ready to cross any finish line you happen to find. Remaining distance is displayed in the bottom corner of the screen.

Most of the time you will probably just drive the default route by following the road and continue straight ahead in every crossing if there isn't an arrow to point you in a certain direction. But you can also find your own way. Just remember that every time you crash or get too far away from the other car, the race will pause and you will be brought back to the default route.

For every crash a penalty of one second is added to your time. This is also the case if you are outdistanced by the other player. You can only be outdistanced as long as the other player is on the road and driving the standard route.

Edited by Johan Kårlin

What's New in Version 0.8.3   See changelog


Continuing to test how to make binary files load in the online emulator.




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Really well done, and fun to play 😃

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Fantastic!  It plays like a bona fide retro arcade game.  The music track is peppy, the graphics are great, and the SCROLLING is smooth as anything.  It's got just enough challenge to make me want to try it... just one more time... I'm sure I can get through the circuit without crashing... just one more try...


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· Edited by svenvandevelde


Very nice! I enjoyed this. It is a flashback for me. Try to get the houses a bit better drawn, it will make your game better.

Also also the physics need work ...

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Chris L


Very nice scrolling game!  It was hard for me to control with my keyboard and the speed but it's really very nice.

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