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X16 Help & Support Lounge

If you need help with any aspect of the system we've got you covered here. For the fastest results:

  1. Browse the known issues section
  2. Search this forum & Facebook group to see if the issue has already been discussed/solved
  3. If you can't find it, post your question so the community/developers can respond (& mark the best answer for future visitors)
  4. If it can't be solved, file a bug report/feature request


  1. X16 How Tos

    Help articles from the devs and community, sorted by popularity. Rate your favorites!

  2. X16 Docs   (5087 visits to this link)

    User guides & other docs to learn your way around the X16

  3. X16 Community Wiki   (2107 visits to this link)

    Some helpful third party links & info (not official or maintained by the X16 team)

  4. X16 Programming Support

    Give or receive help with all aspects of programming the X16 in BASIC, Assembly, & more

  5. X16 Hardware Support

    Get help from the community & developers with the X16 hardware if you can't find the solution elsewhere

  6. X16 Software Support

    Get technical support from the community & developers with specific X16 programs if you can't find the solution elsewhere
    (for general non-support related chat about programs please comment directly under the program in the software library)

  7. X16 Known Issues   (2043 visits to this link)

    For the quickest solution browse the known issues here before asking questions or submitting a bug report

  8. X16 Bug Reporting   (925 visits to this link)

    If you can't find or solve an issue at the known issues page or in the support forums, you can report it here (requires GitHub account)

  9. X16 Feature Requests

    If you have feature requests, this is the place to post them. Please note your idea may already be something we have already discussed and decided against, or something we are working on privately, and we cannot be held responsible for any similarities in such instance. Whilst we cannot respond to every suggestion, your idea will be read and responded to where possible. Thank you for your input!

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