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Hobbies and Interests

All of your fun stuff. YouTube videos, music, games, art, Maker projects... let's talk about it here. 


  1. Creative Arts

    Do you write music? Do you produce short movies? Do you crochet, collect stamps, or paint alternate history figurines where the Lizard People fought the Bird People for supremacy of Atlantis? Tell us about it.

  2. My Software

    Show off programs you created. Please see The Rules before posting.

  3. Maker Projects

    This is for products with a physical and digital component. Things like an Arduino based emulator of a 1970s mainframe, a toaster that butters your bread, or maybe a cool PC build you'd like to show off to the world. Pure software projects go in the My Software forum.

  4. YouTube/Podcast talk

    Do you enjoy a favorite podcast, maybe one related to 8-bit hardware, or perhaps a classy, smooth-talking British guy who featured prominently in Star Wars? Or maybe you love listening to Star Trek podcasts while driving your Delorean to the office... talk about the latest episodes (or the first episode, I don't care) here. 


  5. Modern Computing

    Like the modern family, modern computing comes in all shapes and sizes: from the Raspberry Pi and NUC, all the way up to multi-user mainframes, we do it all.

    Talk about your favorite hardware, software, and the next game you can't wait for here.

  6. Monarch Open ROM

    This is for discussion of the Monarch Open ROM project. 

    This is a potential user-created ROM for the Commander X16 hardware. Currently targeted at the R39 emulator, this ROM will integrate a BIOS and command processor.

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