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    Just a little tease for all you loyal Commandos of how the machine is looking in the user guide illustrations:
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    I figured it’s been a while since the last update. So I’m just letting you know where things are at. Kevin has sent me one of the prototype boards in the hopes that we can figure out why certain parts are not working. Timing on the ROM and RAM is stable, the two VIA chips are also stable. There is some odd behavior on the banking latches, and the audio and video are not working. We are certain it’s a timing issue and we will let you all know when that issue is resolved. By sending me a proto board the hope is that we have a second set of eyes since trying to debug it over email and phone calls isn’t very productive.
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    Just some further updates. I have finished the assembly of the board along with the patches that Kevin has documented. It’s not working yet, and my schedule has been very full this week. I’ve ordered some parts I need to build a test rig, and I have a logic analyzer that I just got. So not much to report yet. But just in summary my test rig lets me get to the very basics and monitor and control many parts of the system. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The Assembly Environment (V0.8) is released, you can get the beta here: https://sites.google.com/view/x16asmenv/home I've also got a video about this release: https://youtu.be/adohtDGGPbE This release is now the first to be considered "beta", since I believe it to be feature complete (based on original plans). From here on out I'll be fixing bugs and making it rom enabled. Comments and bugs welcome!
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    Right, as I think David said, the only people who get nothing wrong are the people who do nothing. Whilst I can see the perspective of some people about some of the things, with nearly a million people having lost their lives from this terrible pandemic, abusing somebody because of an old metal screw is frankly preposterous. Some people need a reality check.
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    David has posted a video defending his actions and why the IBM thing was not "really dumb" as you put it. A vast majority of electronics engineers agree. Please watch your language and remember the group rules you agreed to when joining.
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    Maybe I am too old, but I don't see the big deal. I see tech videos all the time (modern and retro) that do things differently than I would. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, we all live and learn. As far using a paperclip to power up a PSU or jump a connection, that's common, even today on modern hardware. Similar to firing up a build outside of a case with no switch, just shorting the power switch pins on the MB with a screwdriver. Cutting proprietary or uncommon screw heads off, I have done that as well on old hardware. Eventually, all hardware needs servicing, one way or the other. Personally, none of this changes how I feel about the X16 or David. He had nothing to go on with that computer, other than his experience, and as he said, he's done that sort of thing many times with no problems at all. As have many of us. I didn't even know this was an "issue" until I seen this post.
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    Yeah, honestly - this is not Wikipedia material, yet. In a few years, when it's a prime example of the resurgence of 8-bit computing, and everyone is talking about "The 8-Bit Guy's Computer", then it might be ready for a Wikipedia entry.
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    Another reason is that it is an 8-Bit machine with 16-Bit tendencies.
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    Rally Speedway 2020 View File A topdown racing game for the retro computer Commander X16. If you ever played Rally Speedway for Commodore 64 or Atari, it will feel familiar. I consider it a late sequel, somewhat improved actually and hopefully still fun. Starting the game: All game files should be in the same directory. Depending of how many game controllers you have, this is how you start the X16 emulator: No controllers: Just start the emulator and use the following keys: Ctrl - Button A, Alt - Button B, Enter - START, Cursor Keys - UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT. Naturally, you can just play in one-player-mode. One controller: Start the emulator with -joy2 SNES (or "NES", depending on you controller type). Player 1 will use the keyboard and player 2 the game controller. Two controllers: Start the emulator with -joy1 SNES/NES -joy2 SNES/NES. For example if you have two SNES controllers and want to load and run the game immediately: "x16emu -joy1 SNES -joy2 SNES -prg rallyspeedway.prg -run" Controls Up - Start the race when cars are in position A Button - Brake (the cars will accelerate to maximum speed automatically) B Button - Return to menu when race is finished Start Button - Pause game Further instructions This is an open world racing game. For every track there is a certain distance you have to drive. When you have driven the given distance, you are ready to cross any finish line you happen to find. Remaining distance is displayed in the bottom corner of the screen. Most of the time you will probably just drive the default route by following the road and continue straight ahead in every crossing if there isn't an arrow to point you in a certain direction. But you can also find your own way. Just remember that every time you crash or get too far away from the other car, the race will pause and you will be brought back to the default route. For every crash a penalty of one second is added to your time. This is also the case if you are outdistanced by the other player. You can only be outdistanced as long as the other player is on the road and driving the standard route. Submitter Johan Kårlin Submitted 10/24/20 Category Games  
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    I've been building a Zenith 750 Cruzer for a couple years now. I'm in what's commonly referred to among home builders as the 80% done, 80% to go stage. I've had this idea to put a 6502 in the plane panel SOMEWHERE. Maybe not doing anything terribly important, just for fun. I've been thinking a 5 inch screen that does a cool startup animation, and displays a couple non critical readouts like outside air temperature and flight time. My dilemma is what to use. I'm not gutting a REAL C64 for this, although that's what I have the most Assembly experience in. My current ideas are: A 64 Clone Emulator on a Raspberry Pi Commander X16 Custom 6502 board with an LED matrix I'm also currently very distracted by my Color Maximite 2 which is FANTASTIC. If I could just wave a wand, I'd probably just go with the Commander X16. I think it maintains the spirit of what I want here while giving me the flexibility to do a lot more with it. It might depend on the timing. The plane will likely be finished in late winter and I'll need to allocate the space for something by then. I'd also love to hear any crazy ideas for software that might be cool to see. The screen will be on the passenger(co pilot) side. It could be just for fun, or maybe something a little more serious. As an experimental aircraft, I can put anything I want in the panel. I'll do something conservative and well tested for primary displays like Dynon or Garmin, but anything else is an open book. If you're interested, I have a somewhat updated build log of the plane. https://myzenith750.com My "other" airplane is the somewhat famous "Tiger Baron". That's a certified airplane, so can't do custom panel additions there. The story behind the Baron is here (along with pictures, it's a pretty nutso paint job) Michael
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    Currently, the input stream from the keyboard is simplified by the KERNAL in a way that is optimized for text-based applications. By that I mean each keypress is only registered once (unless the key is held down for a while). This is nice for many applications. However, for games and other interactive cases (e.g. using the keyboard as a musical keyboard) it would be really nice to access data on which keys are actually held down (at the same time). Because I currently do not find a way to do this, I am asking if this could be made possible in the future? As I understand it, the routines that do the keyboard handling, are currently located entirely in ROM and not available for modification without replacing the ROM. I understand that for most games, a controller with arrow keys seems sufficient. But I suspect that opening the keyboard interface up would greatly benefit the X16, since a broader range of applications will be made possible. All the best, Carl
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    V 0.81 has been updated to fix bugs in 0.80. Available at the google site.
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    Hey there, I just want to say there is an official unofficial X16 Discord server out there for those who use it. It's now owned by yours truly, so I guess it's now a bit more official, but as far as I know none of the official team are into Discord, so yeah. Of course, it's perfect for some real-time chat around the X16 and some quick help real-time chat might be better suited, but if you want to ask a question or for anything else, the forums might be better suited. Obviously, the same rules as in here goes there as well. So if you want to check it out, here's an invite link: https://discord.gg/nS2PqEC Have fun
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    We appreciate the excitement to know more. As per those boring ol' rules, please don't ask for updates as it puts unfair pressure on David and the team. Bear in mind you likely aren't the only one, including emails, Facebook posts that get removed, comments under videos, private messages, etc. Updates will come every time there is something worth updating. When a day passes without an update, it means there is no major update and we are working behind the scenes. Thanks for understanding.
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    Eh, all we learned is that David like everyone else is human and sometimes screws up; I don't see this having any significant impact on X16. In fact, it bolsters the case for making a new "retro" computer as we'll be able to fiddle with it without worrying we might be damaging vintage hardware.
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    I've been here for a long while but keeping it under the radar. I'm VERY interested in this project and have been following it for a long time. I have commits made to the ROM via github, minor still. I left the FB group as it was filled with endless wish-lists, conjectures, complaints, et.al. Interesting conversation, but rather unproductive. I'm here for hard news, facts, and development. Thanks for having me. And we expect snow in the month, we hope the ski slopes at Whiteface Mountain open this year and skiers here in Lake Placid, NY. Hockey has been pushed back a year due to COVID-19. *tips hat*
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    Hi all, another quick update. Got the rivers, tracks and bridges implemented now - the maps are beginning to look a lot more interesting! Also load and save maps routines up and running
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    Been tinkering away at my game, and thought I'd spend some time adding better debug tools, so I added a CPU meter. I was getting concerned that I had no idea if my plans were going to fit into my frame budget. The screenshot shows I'm using 32% of the CPU resources available. Well worth adding because it started out at 53% and it helped to reveal that I was doing some very slow and unnecessary things in my code that had to be improved or removed. Basically it's just counting the cycles that it spends waiting for the vertical blank, and remapping that to a value from 0..100% based on the max number of cycles available at 60fps. Figured out the max cycles by looking at the changes in the emulator's in-built cycle counter when the interrupt comes in. As it turns out, the frame budget is 133,462 cycles, which sounds a lot. But then it also turns out that it's easy to write code that burns through those cycles really quickly if you're not careful
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    First I want to say its amazing that this board has a "introduce yourself"-section, makes it so much more personal. I´ve been watching all the usual-suspect-retro-youtubers for years, 8BG himelf, LGR, AVGN etc... Im too young to have ever owned a c64 or anything from that era. This week I discovered the Maximite 2, watched the 8BG review of it, where he mentioned the X16, and then I was infected! Im so hyped right now. I work as a software developer as my day job but I have no idea about 6502 assembly, basic, and so on. Super excited to learn it though! My long-term goal is to write a video game for the x16, right now im diving into the documentation: Basic, VERA, cc65, Millfork, Kick Assembler. Evaluating what is possible, it´s like I opened the gates to whole new world of computing! Feeling like Homer in the Land of Chocolate (where I happen to be from! ) Wishing everyone a great time and have a nice Sunday! Daniel
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    i would never attempt half the things that David does. A friend of my grandfathers who worked on TV's in the 50s killed himself trying to repair one. He touched the wrong thing and got electrocuted. One of my college professor's who worked on the UNIVAC had a bolt of lightning shoot out his nose from trying to repair a tv. Even really really really smart people make mistakes we are human not perfect.
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    I'm new to the forum and site, but not really new to the project - I remember David talking about it when he first posted those videos - but I didn't realize it had come so far until today with his Petscii Robots video release. I'm absolutely looking forward to this. About Me: I'm a full stack developer, currently transitioning into data science. I love retro tech, but no real collection yet beyond some older gaming consoles and emulators. I'm in the process of sourcing the parts for my ideal 1999 machine that middle school me would have killed for. And I'm currently waiting on "the one" to start my collection of older machines. I love the look the commodore PET, so something like that all in one terminal look would be awesome. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions, especially if I can find a way to hard wire a switch and fit a small dos box inside the case alongside the original machine. I mean, I plan on getting an X16 - so that may be the route, otherwise if I could find an old PET shell and cram the guts of both the X16 and an old pentium laptop inside with a small vga monitor. But I'm rambling. It's good to meet everyone and I'm looking forward to see where this project goes!
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    It goes against one of the project goals: preferably no FPGAs or MCUs. FPGA video chip is an exception, because capable off the shelf video chip was not found.
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    Hi. Forgive my manner, having seen the Arduino and RPi forums, I'm reluctant - they're just mean! Anyways, my age is 37-38. Older I get, the more I measure in decades. Might seem weird to someone in their 50's but you see, I've spent a number of years studying Philosophy and History (even got the snooty credentials) so I've developed a 4000 year perspective to most things. It's kinda messed up stuff. I also spent some time in the service, and most of my bread has come from industrial trades - construction, cabinetmaking, machining. I "own" my company Tributary House Ltd. The quotes are because I pay the LLC fees, and have made about $300 in five years... I am not a businessman. I also "own" my research lab - MERLInc - wherein I tinker and think about all the neat stuff that was supposed to have become commonplace by the year 2000. Remember that feeling? When Fusion energy was only 50 years away - and still is? Had a patent once, I learned the hard way that nobodies don't get phone-calls returned. Patent expired. Anyways, I got sucked into the likes of 8 bit guy, LGR, Tech-Connect, etc... and the nostalgia mixed with the sad (I am disappointed with how we've gone - but that's another rant). I got my start in GW BASIC on a 386 Epson Equity II+, with DOS 3.2 in sixth grade. Moved on to QBASIC and ended up making a LORD clone in QB45 before life did what life does - that was in '96 or so. One summer semester, about four years ago, I took C++ and it was horrid. In many ways, I miss DOS. I did not know there was any such thing as a Commodore 64 until that YouTube video "Gates v Jobs" came out. I thought the 8086 processor was the first from Bell Labs for years - and before life went all sideways, I visited the last of the BBS's on my HP 150 touchscreen (running windows 1.0 and PAM!) - before playing Castle of the Winds on my Tandy (something or other) running windows 3.2 - my Highschool had thrown out that Tandy, so I major scored. I do not come from a world conducive to childhood programmers. One forgets a great deal of BASIC in 20+ years, but I still remember what a good day it was when I learned what GOSUB could do, and it was cause for celebration when I first OPEN "filename" for INPUT as #1.... (or something like that) - because now I could make player stats for my LORD clone . My purpose on the forum is primarily because David's review of the Maximite 2 Color showed me a BASIC run microcontroller. Sure, I can use ArduinoIDE to flash my 3D printer, and if I really sat down to do it, I'm certain I could make Python make my RPi do stuff, but C++ and Python just... I don't enjoy them. My other purpose on the forum is more ethereal. I've had to explain to one of the little ones (who is turning 13 soon) that after school ends, making friends and finding people only gets harder. I have an R&D laboratory, a Master's Degree, and basically nobody to tinker with me, or to bounce ideas. - How about a GPS including topo-maps, but use an electrophorescent display, with a resistive overlay for outdoor use?!!? - stuff like that. I ask the pertinent questions about stuff like that in Arduino or RPi forums, and frankly, they get mad. It's a real thing - the rudeness to the noobs. I don't even bother asking them anymore because it's so off-putting. It's all Wiki products now. You guys seem much nicer - possibly because 8-Bit computing has no practical-ambitious dimension, and you all seem to understand why I fondly remember learning GOSUB... That, and I imagine you guys would understand if I said "Good software is designed to run well on a 286 - then you give it an i5 and watch it fly..." Anyways, I hope the X16 flies - that I can afford one, and that maybe I can make some friends who would be willing to entertain and even try crazy ideas. Afterall, you're all here to build David's "Dream Computer" which is, aside from a little weird, pretty cool friendship in my mind. Sorry to be weird. When in doubt, honesty is the only fallback. I hope I haven't broken any server rules!
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commander_X16 I used the VIC-20's entry as a guide. I'm sure the page needs work.
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    Hello friends. I have buyed Http://www.teamx16.com and Http://www.teamx16.online domains, webspace for X16MusicTracker project(song app) latter for X16ProPaint bitmap pixel art editor. But after that I want do games too. My fav software house on Amiga 500 was Team17. Games like AlienBreed, Superfrog, BodyBlows, Worms, ProjectX was my fav. So want make similar team. We will need: - coders - pixel artists - story makers - musicians - translators - testers - website admins - graphics designers (cover art) - hardware engineers (gaming hw) - loyal gamers If You are interested to join TeamX16 in let me know also write Your skills here. TeamX16 Members: @DusanStrakl Coder @Nate.N Coder @JimmyDansbo Coder @Matej Pixel Art, Music I will use quote from Starwars: "You Should Just Join the Dark Side Already"
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    Not true, the colour is decided and is as shown on the homepage. It is already the same shade of white as the WASD Keyboard [emoji4] Tl;dr We got this.
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    My orig. C64 with it's IEEE based SFD-1001, 1541 Flash, RS232 and Hayes Smartmodem 1200 is all gone, sadly. I ran a BBS on it in 1984 when I lived in Berkeley California. All that remains aside from of printouts of some assembly language and a very long basic program (see pic, that is 1 of 12 pages that I will type in some day) is a 1701 monitor. But starting 10 years ago, I've accumulated: Pet 4032 with Visicalc ROM, a MSD drive and CBM 4022 Printer and more recently the SD2PET 2 x SX-64s (but call it one and a half because one has a video problem and a blown out SID) 1 x C128 with a jack'd up keyboard (recently bought a C=Key kit that someday will fix this) 1 x Plus 4 which I JUST bought from eBay last night; hopefully it will work; very much looking fwd to that 1 x MiniPet project 1 x Ben Eater 6502 setup The Pet is the prize of my collection as it's the first computer I used as a young child; more importantly because I'm using it to give my 11 year old in-home STEM classes. We are working on a simple game that she is writing in Basic. I am hopeful that she will learn as I did and build upon it some day maybe not as an IT professional but in learning to break through barriers, to think logically, and be resourceful when it comes to solving programs. And yes, for me, it all started with the desire to play games beginning with Invaders on the Pet.
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    Hello friends. So things moved. I so @DusanStrakl and @Nate.N joined project as coders. But still we need more. Also chipmusicians, pixelartists, language translators (I can translate to German, Czech, Slovak as my Granny was German). Our official GIThub will be: https://github.com/MatejEusk/X16MusicTracker Please join. All are welcome. It will be long term project. But I am sure that X16 will have best chipmusic / 8bit music / chiptunes / synthwave of all platforms. And this will attract people from other platforms too. Will post about X16 on Chipmusic.org forum too. Also cant wait to see demoscene, demos, intros with our music. Matej
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    How cool would it be to somehow get the great Woz aware of this project? Maybe even perhaps get some insights and ideas... ... or even better, get the 8-Bit Guy to invite Woz to his YouTube show!
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    I think I probably would have done more checking on the power switch (including probing the center pin to figure out what that did, but the Dremel thing is way overblown. Keep in mind that while this was a prototype, it also already didn't work. Using a paper clip to bridge the power switch pins was a risk, but I also expected it to work if the monitor really was showing 0 (or nearly 0) ohms when switched on. And, honestly, we've all let the magic smoke from time to time. My first time was in high school, when I connected a speaker to a running amplifier, blowing up the power amp IC, and the last time was plugging a DC power plug with the wrong polarity (damn the person who thought center-negative on barrel connectors was a good idea..) Personally, I think blowing up a piece of gear is a rite of passage. If you haven't blown something up, yet - you aren't trying hard enough.
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    Hello friends. My name is Matej. I am from Europe live near Austria in Slovakia. I am Atari 800 fan since I was 5 years old. Nowadays I own 9x Atari 130XE. One with 1mb ram and 4x OS in flash, 2x atari pokey (8channels, stereo) soundchip, SDrive SD card interface, Amiga mouse, next year want upgrade it with 65c816/20mhz turbocard also VBXE graphics card. I also own 3x C64. One with 3SID upgrade. Also ZXSpectrum48k with SAA1099 soundcard and CompactFlash interface. From game consoles I own almost all NINTENDO stuff. But most favourite one is Sega Genesis (Megadrive) with YM2612. In real life I own small 3D printing company got CAD/Design Engineer/MechanicalEngineering degree on University. What else. I compose modern electronic music in RenoiseDAW. And I also can do nice demoscene logos/streetart logos. As I was into demoscene and also graffiti since I was kid. Want make GUI for YM2612/SAA1099 music tracker. Icons, logo, mouse pointer etc. Cant wait to have real Commander X16 near my Atari130XE and Apple 2GS. Have a nice day ;).
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    You can't use integer variables for FOR loops, you have to use regular real variables. Keep in mind: integer variables are still stored as floating point and actually introduce a performance hit by having to do rounding all the time. That's why you don't want to bother with one for a loop variable. Only use them when you absolutely need arithmetic results to be automatically rounded.
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    May your clicks be loud and proud. You paid handsomely for them!
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    On that, the RAM works perfectly. For unpopulated chips there is no wrap around or skip. Reads from unpopulated chips will give erratic results, mostly random residual values. To check how much ram is present you need to write a non-random sequence then attempt to read that sequence back. If the sequence returned matches the sequence written that RAM is populated. Otherwise it is either unpopulated or there is a fault. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well, for one, your article is written in such a manner that one might think the computer is already being sold, which it obviously isn't. In multiple places you refer to the computer in the present tense, where the future tense would definitely be more appropriate. Wikipedia's general notability guideline (to which the message refers) clearly states that the topic must have "significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject". This site (or the Facebook group) is definitely not independent of the subject. Since the computer hasn't been released yet, there really can't be any significant coverage in other reliable sources. Frankly, this message from the admins really doesn't surprise me, I expected something like this to happen since I've first seen the article, I'm only surprised by their expedience .
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    Careful on that one... {CLR/HOME} should never be written like that. That key has two purposes: Clear and Home. The written instruction should be {CLR} or {HOME}, not {CLR/HOME}. So you'll need to look at what the program is doing and make sure you're using the correct command. "HOME" will just move the cursor to the top-left corner of the screen, and "CLR" will clear the screen. The "Home" command will show as an inverted "S" in quotes. The "Clear" command will show as the heart that @desertfish linked to. In this case, the author means for you to clear the screen. So it should be written as {CLR} or {SHIFT CLR/HOME}. For reference, here are the token codes the community generally uses: https://github.com/thezerobit/tok64 (look down at the bottom of the Readme).
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    For me, it's a feature that is best implemented as an expansion card (or maybe through the user port?); otherwise feature creep will increase cost and make the X16 ship a lot later. Besides, the added complexity means troubleshooting and support get trickier, so it's better to have a simpler platform at first and get it right. However, I would say guidelines on how to create APIs for the X16 and expansion cards could be enough to ensure different implementations of ESP32-base expansion boards behave well together and with software that will use them. Having clear guidelines will also spur hardware development for the X16, which would be nice.
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    Correct, it's solid steel and intended to support a CRT. The feet will be loose in the box so you can choose the orientation though.
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    I like the idea! By the way Famicom Disk System used similar method: high scores were saved to disk, you could bring disk to retail shop, insert disk in special kiosk, and your achievements were sent to global leaderboard.
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    Sadly, none anymore. While I have owned many over the years, I just don't have the time or room for them these days. It sucks, but it is what it is. That's why I am interested in the X16, a "one stop shop" for all my retro computing needs. Right now, it's all emulation, via Windows PC and Raspberry Pi. That's the second reason the X16 captured my interest, I would be able to mess with something that's close to original "80's" hardware. Talking my wife into it when the time comes, that will be the true challenge.
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    I love to see: YM2151 + SAA1099 + VERA PSG + VERA PCM in final design. 32Channel - I do music tracking music. So music using 32 channels can be easily composed. When You use 2 channels for reverb, echo like effects using volume fx. Also You dont need put more instruments in one channel like on SID. You use one instrument per channel. SAA1099 + VERA PSG Its good to have 2 PSG chips. When You study Arcade Machines soundsystem You will see that 1x PSG is used for music together with FM. FM instruments and PSG drums, percussions and raw bassline. And second PSG for sound effects! So its ideal to have both! Also SAA1099p cost like 2USD thats good price for 6channels in stereo. Rare MGT SAMCoupe homecomputer had SAA1099p here is little music demo: And MODs on 6502cpu??? Well we play MODs like modules on COVOX on Atari 800 with 1,79MHz and 64kb ram. Even on POKEY modules with 4bit samples :).
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    I really don't do social media anymore, all I use these days is Steam. https://steamcommunity.com/id/trstrider/ You're more than welcome to check it out.
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    https://www.facebook.com/slithymatt https://twitter.com/slithymatt https://github.com/SlithyMatt https://www.youtube.com/user/slithymatt You may have noticed a pattern...
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    Hear hear! I have an uncle who's literally named "Spark" within the family. I imagine you only need one guess why. Today, he works as a contractor for a NASA project to develop batteries for fully-electric airplanes.
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    I'm behind David 1000% on everything said here. Thanks Perifractic for posting this and putting this to bed.
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    I fail to see why the topic was even mentioned and has nothing to do with the X16 or it's future.
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    Easier said than done! [emoji6] But yes Bil has been involved at some stages.
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