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    Hi Commandos (is that the right term?), I'm the guy writing the Assembly Environment / Super Monitor. I've been posting releases on FB and Murray**2. I'm still plugging away, and will be posting new updates here, too! In retro, Mike Allison
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    Hello all! Nice to be in the forums. I hope to find a lot of useful information from here once I get actually programming on X16 emulator. My first computer was C64 and I learned some basic with it. Then I stepped up to i386 (Atari ST was in between but I didn't really use it that much at all) With the PC I learned some Pascal and assembler that led me to my University studies with computer science. I've been working ever since as a developer / software architect. C64 was however the thing that got me into the business in the first place. Have a great spring time everyone!
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    Good to see you here Mike! And Commandos is a great term. I think we should all adopt it!
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    Hi, Sebastian here. I am excited to be part of the Commander X16 community. My first computer was a Tandy TRS-80 and I then went on to the C64 and finally the Amiga. I never really learned to program on the C64 other than Basic, but did quite a bit assembler programming on the Amiga. Last year, I did add support for WebAssembly to the X16 Emulator. After a bit of a break, I recently started working on the ability to load Programs/Demos via the Web Emulator. Feel free to get in touch with me for anything related to the web version of the emulator! Best regards, Sebastian
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    That's the power of open source right there.
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