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  1. Just finished going through Ben Eater's whole series on the 65C02 Breadboard computer. I am totally going to get his kits to make one. I find it so cool that it uses the 65C02, the same that will be in the X16! P.S. hope this is the right non-X16 forum if not please let me know
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  2. I'm Curtis, a long time Commodore enthusiast. I got my first C64 in 1984 and soon therafter had several programs published in Ahoy! and RUN magazines.
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  3. I now learned a lot about the X16 and am almost finished with Brixx. So I'm thinking about my next project, but I have a concern here: How fast will SD card access be on "real" hardware? I'm now using the emulator and loading assets is pretty much instant. It's for example fast enough to load music in 8kB chunks into high-ram while playing. No need to load them up front. Loading into VRAM is the same. I wonder if on real hardware you could for example watch graphics to be loaded? As I understand the VERA hardware is handling the SD card access, right? What is the bandwidth we can expect for VRAM and high RAM (if different)?
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  4. Thank you @SlithyMatt and @Johan Kårlin. This put me in the right direction!
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