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    Version 1.1


    This is a simple Tetris clone, originally written in BASIC, then reimplemented in assembly. Comments welcome. Have fun!
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    The current implementation in the repository can read about 140 KB/sec if you go through the LOAD or macptr KERNAL calls. The fast path doesn't currently support high RAM or VRAM, but I plan to fix this. The theoretical maximum if the hardware is about 300 KB/sec by reading full sectors to the target addresses instead of going through a buffer. I might look into supporting it. The byte-by-byte slow path will max out at about 13 KB/sec.
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    Hello all, My name is Frank van den Hoef and I am responsible for the design of the VERA module (the audio, video and storage hardware module), which is part of the Commander X16.
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    Hi everyone, while The 8-Bit guys needs no introduction, we thought the rest of the team should properly introduce themselves! I'll start the ball rolling... I'm a husband & father of 3 (furbabies), & actor-writer with a love of retrogaming. You might have seen or heard me at Perifractic’s Retro Recipes on YouTube, and I've been making retro music since before it was retro! For the fantastic Commander X16 project I'm proud to be heading up the design and branding, among other things. Here's what falls under my umbrella, along with the help of some other very talented folks: This website's creation and hosting Case design & manufacture Keyboard design & manufacture X16 Butterfly Logo design & implementation Licensing Commodore BASIC & Kernel "Just the BASICs" user guide Packaging design & manufacture BASIC screen visual design/logo... I'm super excited as David's vision of his dream computer comes closer to fruition and am proud to be a small part of making that dream come true. I look forward to chatting with you all here further! Your friend in retro, Perifractic
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    Tetris View File This is a simple Tetris clone, originally written in BASIC, then reimplemented in assembly. Comments welcome. Have fun! Submitter Fnord42 Submitted 08/21/20 Category Games  
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    Hello everyone! I live in Kalmar, in the southeastern part of Sweden. As a kid I dreamed of making my own C64 games in assembly code. But I didn’t really get anywhere. I found it hard to learn the language, lacked the necessary books and had noone to ask. With the CX16 it feels like I’ve got a new chance to fulfill my dreams. It sounds a bit silly, I know. I am a minister in the Swedish Church and I can truly say that there are few people I know that understand and appreciate retro computers. Actually there are quite few people interested in computers at all. Therefore I really appreciate this community, it is inspiring and motivating, and I have got help more than once from some of you knowledgeable and helpful experts : ). I hope that I can - at least in the long run - contribute with some software. Programming is really fun but I have sometimes hard to find the time for it. Keep watch for Rally Speedway 2020 this fall though, I hope for at least v 0.5...
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    Hi I am Matthew John Schreiner Jr the Atari Guy I link for my channel is below. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFFrqKOuVNTvJTh6-rAUn5Q Thanks and please watch and subscribe to my channel
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    Welcome George! I'm looking forward to seeing what magic you can write for the X16.
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    Bom dia Marcelo! Welcome to our retro community!
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    Hi all, I made a simple Tetris clone in Basic. It is a bit slow, but it's mostly playable. I plan to use this as an incentive to learn 6502 assembler to improve the speed (among other things). Have fun!
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    Note that this is all CX16p ... the memory situation for CX16c and CX16e is unknown. For instance, it might be cheaper to have one surface mount 1MB RAM in the CX16c and skip the RAM sockets, and the RAM in the CX16e might be internal to the FPGA and dependent on the specific FPGA used.
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    In 90's, when IBM PC platform became wide spread, I don't remember this law working any more. Developers asked for any RAM requirements, and users expanded their RAM if they wanted that soft badly. X16 is a blend of retro and modern system, so I would not be surprised to see the same effect here.
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    Eventually probably yes. But don't expect this until the system has been released and on the market for some while.
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