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    Working again! The script tried to use all versions at the same time. Whoopsie.
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    Hi I'm from Denmark and had my first computer in the age of 11 (1984) it was a Commodore 64, first games where Blue Max, Squish'm, 1942, H.E.R.O and MS Pacman The first computer that i was introduced to by a friend of my dad was a ZX Spectrum 48k and first game where Jet Pac. It could be very nice to have a newly developed 8bit computer like the Commander X16 to play with and program in BASIC But it's also about having a computer that last for many years and don't change that much and don't require internet.
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    It will be a 'one-off' but once done, I'll be happy to share the FPE and design details; In short, it's a MiniPet repackaged in a braked aluminum and sheet metal enclosure with an external 12" monitor (repurposed from a '82 Northstar Advantage; see below), optional external Petskey Keyboard, 10" LCD screen from China, internal SD, and a few surprises. Will not be battery powered (currently running off an 8 lb. linear differential power supply : ) Though depicted as a rounded corner traditional laptop (see FPD mock-up below), I plan on honoring the circa late 70's office furniture/vintage Pet look; call it, Tesla Cybertruck meets Atari Battlezone styling (said another way, I have a garage full of sheet metal brake, punch, shear tooling so outside of a wood enclosure, this is my only option - be prepared for something that looks more like a piece of aircraft than a computer) The good news is that I procured the monitor (below) and the LCD panel and controller for next to nothing (about $60 each) from eBay/Amazon. The bad news is that you get what you pay for and it looks about as good as what LCD technology offered in 1979-1982. Will post pics and info to this thread as I make progress. IMG_2052.HEIC IMG_2284.HEIC
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    It might be mp3's and a command line tool to convert mp3's to wav files ends up a more compact package in a zip ... since mp3 is lossy compression, it might beat zip at compressing wav files to cover the size of the converter.
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    Big fan of the 8 bit guy show. Found my way here to track progress. I'm a Python/web developer so probably useless for a project like this but maybe a customer.
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    This is what Ian Bell and David Braben created (explained by Mark) This is just the summary, In the source is following long and long discussion on the details of that.
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    Being born when the Wintels essentially kicked every non-Mac computer out of the market, I spent most of my life thinking personal computers basically started with Windows, at least until I learned about early home computers like the Apple II and the Commodore 64. In fact, I've never actually seen a computer older than my Compaq Armada 1750 in person, and even that one was bought off of eBay earlier this year. The vast majority of my retro gaming experiences, Game Boy games and having a hand-me-down NES for a few years as a kid non-withstanding, has been through emulation. Some of my main inspirations for getting into retro gaming include the Angry Video Game Nerd, LGR, My Life in Gaming, the Nostalgia Nerd, and of course, David "The 8-Bit Guy" Murray. Ever since David showed off Planet X2 and discussed assembly language, I've been wanting to learn assembly myself. Not only am I interested in the Commander X16 from that standpoint, but the VERA chip makes it great for some game ideas I have, like a Pokemon clone that could use a potential network card. That being said, I've lately been brainstorming ideas for a computer inspired by the Commander X16's design, except closer to the ZX Spectrum and using the Z80 processor. I may discuss that at some point as well.
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    Not the best screenshot, but here's the last time it worked without running out of memory: I was just about to get the Mask and Player Position "@" working.
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    I've got the emulator running, and looking forward to get stuck into it as a weekend hobby! I love what you chaps are doing here! (I wish I had known about this at the start of the plague, instead of only discovering it now...)
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    Hi, Looking forward to building a Commander X16. Don't fail me and drop the kit form. Randall.
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    I'm excited to be here. I can't wait for the X16 to bring out the inner child in me. My life in retro-world only started a year ago, inspired by Perifractic and the 8-bit Guy. But I also dabble microelectronics, mostly microcontrollers, as a hobby. Hence my alias Micro Hobbyist.
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    Some pics of prototype cardboard form with mock panel applied. Call it "The shape of things to come..." if anybody here remembers the old TR-7 campaign. The wedge shape is not just style, it's necessary in order to sandwich multiple PCBs (one for power handling, one for inversion of the component video, one for LCD driver) Centered on the front edge will be an external keyboard DB25 port which, when fitted with an adapter will reduce down to a 9 pin joystick mapped to specific Pet keys. At least that's the plan. Still trying to work out whether I"ll get my hands on TFW8bit's 'deluxe' kbd (just released) or stick with the dreadful buttons that 8bitguy''s build showed (this is standard on the Minipet). In other news, I received a Cherry switch set from Mouser and all of the surface mount parts for the shift lock circuit. That will be 'together' by next week with any luck; if I don't have luck, I'll build using through-hole on breadboard and wire into the pads on the back of the Petskey. Eyes, age, experience (three excuses) I can solder through-hole all day long, surface mount hasn't been for me but I'll give it a go. More later...
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    Hi all, It's pretty exciting to see the project take off- me and my friend had been talking about the need for a good, close to the machine level computer for the masses ever since the first 8 bit guy dream computer video. I'm particularly interested in the scientific computing for the masses aspect - could a hackable 16 bit computer be able to handle bioinformatics tasks that can be understood and modified by an amateur? Really looking forward to contributing some programs and other materials at some point in the future!
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    I received my first computer, the Commodore 64 at the age of 12 back in 1986. Learned Programming Basic by myself, played with sprites and sounds but was frustrated not being able to make "real" games such as the ones I could play. I could not understand how it worked under the hood, no internet at that time and I had no connection to people "who know". The only thing about "Machine Language" was that knew it existed... Last year, I plugged my C=64 who was stored in the attic since more than 25 years to my TV, bought a new power supply, changed the fuse that had blew up and turned on the computer. The fascinating blue screen with the blinking cursor after the "READY." statement appeared instantly. Everything working perfectly! A moment of strong emotions. Now there are plenty of resources available on the internet and I can finally satisfy the curious child I was. Looking forward to the Commander X16 for the next step.
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    Hi everyone. I've always been interested in tech and 8/16 bit computers. I'm a fan of the 8 Bit Guy and excited to be involved (at least by following) with the Commander X16 family. -Tom
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    Hi all! As a kid, I learned Basic on a C128 at school, but my first own computer was an Amiga 500. I really liked Michael's "Ultimate C64 Talk" at 25C3, and the concept of having a computer that is fully understandable by a single person is indeed very appealing. But, having been spoiled by the Amiga as a kid, the limited graphics capabilities of the C64 always put a damper on my enthusiasm. That's why the X16 seems to be just perfect in this regard - the VERA module really is a game changer for me here. I am eagerly looking forward to see where the project is going - it looks really promising. Can't wait to get my hands on some real hardware!
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    While it's not something that would set records for performance and is in all ways very impractical as an actual operating computer, one of these mounted in a frame, with a small LCD running a very simple program would make a very neat display. https://monster6502.com/ I've been watching and hoping that at some point, they'll become available. -Kevin
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    Iff I win the lottery… (Problem is I don't play…)
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