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    Tiled Map Editor BASIC DATA export View File This file is a JavaScript extension for the Tiled Map Editor. It will export your Tiled map as BASIC DATA statements. Inspired by Johan Kårlin export files. When exporting it will prompt for the starting BASIC line number. The script will output a few data statements about the map. Then the tile data will be output in DATA statements with 16 elements. Submitter Justin Baldock Submitted 09/24/20 Category Dev Tools  
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    You need to use SEC before SBC, not CLC
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    Hello everyone! My name is TechUr, I am a streamer on Twitch, electronics hobbyist, and collector of vintage games (primarily Atari products). I found out about the CommanderX16 from The 8-Bit guy, as would be expected. I felt I missed out on the Microcomputer era, so it was exciting to hear about this project! My intention on this forum is to learn more about creating programs for the CX16. I have some experience in BASIC, but I'm hoping to learn more high level programming on the platform. I wish the best for this project, especially considering the world is on fire right now, and for everyone involved to making the CX16 a reality!
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    Simplest Sound Effects Library for BASIC programs View File Usage Because of its simplicity the library can be stored in a 1K space below basic programs, starting at $0400. Save the EFFECTS.PRG program in the directory where your BASIC program is stored, which would typically be in the same directory from where you are running the emulator. Load library with LOAD command: LOAD”EFFECTS.PRG”,8,1,$0400 Since this routine after the first run adds a new interrupt handler it is good practice to only load it once. It is therefore recommended to do a simple check: IF PEEK($400)=0 THEN LOAD”EFFECTS.PRG”,8,1,$0400 And that is it. Now you only need to call the needed sound effect from the BASIC program with a simple SYS command. We have four different effects so four different addresses can be called: SYS $400 PING Is designed for events like picking coins or rewards. SYS $403 SHOOT Effect that can be used for shooting the gun or other weapon. SYS $406 ZAP Electricity zapping or perhaps a laser gun sound. SYS $409 EXPLODE Long explosion for when we successfully blow something up Alternative binary named EFFECTSHI.PRG that loads into memory at $9000 can be downloaded. Of course calls are then $9000 for PING, $9003 for SHOOT, $9006 for ZAP and $9009 for EXPLODE. Full source code and walk through is available at my blog: https://www.8bitcoding.com/p/simplest-sound-effects-library-for.html Demo video: Submitter DusanStrakl Submitted 08/12/20 Category Dev Tools
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    Thanks! I am now reading Machine Language for Commodore Machines. And am typing in code now Also thanks for your youtube Hello World video and answering my questions there
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    Yeah, I was surprised by the comment, too, because I "grew up" on the Motorola 6809E in the Color Computer, which not only has a hardware multiply instruction, but also 4 index registers (X, Y, U, and S). The auto-incrementing made memory-to-memory copies a breeze.
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    Oh boy - should have checked for updates before I posted .
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    New Version 0.4: Some gameplay changes: Level is lost when bottom enemy progresses to shields/fortress. You then fall back to the previous level and can try to advance again. If you fail level 1, then the game is over, too (or all lives lost). Enemy movements get more difficult with each level. They move faster, they advance faster. Patterns still the same Player sprite now has more realistic lag, when changing direction. Let me know what you think about this one. It was just unrealistically fast with the mouse, so I made it more difficult. Other improvements: More Levels! The background story is now more complete. The descriptions for levels > 2 don't yet match the description in relation to enemy behavior or motherships etc. Different enemy sprites I experiment with different enemy styles now. Most will probably be replaces later again. I like the martians, though ... Sprite animation for player sprite Player spaceship now shows thruster plumes and tilts when moving.
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    I am really considering now to port it to X16 ... It is still a huge endeavour ... but it is getting possible now.
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    I call it “Planet X16”. LOL
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    G'day. I'm not sure how I got this far without it, but I'm getting to a stage where some form of debugger would help. I'm a complete newbee when it comes to assembly programming, so this might be obvious to others. Currently, I've been resorting to outputting raster numbers, or hard-coding a brk. But, I've not found a reliable way to set a breakpoint and query registers or memory addresses. I assume due to my game using RAM or VRAM needed by the monitor when it breaks out. "There must be there a better way?" *I'm in black and white, my hair all frizzy* Those who are developing games in assembly... how are you debugging them? Cheers Troy
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    The emulator does have a built-in debugger. Just run it with the "-debug" option and hit F12 to see the debugger. The emulator doc has the list of commands.
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