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  1. V 0.81 has been updated to fix bugs in 0.80. Available at the google site.
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  2. Goodafternoon (14.54 CET converted from Regular Stardate), To break the endless waiting, I am in the holosuite playing with some very ancient computers, at the moment with an Atari TT030, trying out some ancient programming languages. Hisoft Basic for an example. A colleague showed my that he had replicated a computer called Commander X16. And I wanted to know where it came from, so I asked the Ship's computer to send me to 2020. It's great that I can now see how this X16 came about. Almost first hand. Pitty that you are all dead for a few hundred years now, but we take your legacy into the future. Kind regards, Lt deBoer Starship USS Amsterdam Starfleet Defence Squadron
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  3. The Assembly Environment (V0.8) is released, you can get the beta here: https://sites.google.com/view/x16asmenv/home I've also got a video about this release: https://youtu.be/adohtDGGPbE This release is now the first to be considered "beta", since I believe it to be feature complete (based on original plans). From here on out I'll be fixing bugs and making it rom enabled. Comments and bugs welcome!
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  4. Version 1.1


    This is a Rogue-like game, where you hack your way through a dense forest in search of a way out. Also, there's a rumor that the fabled Amulet of Yendor is lost somewhere in this forest. What a feather in your cap it would be to return with that! The map is revealed as you explore. Aside from the Amulet, there are three other kinds of treasures -- weapons, armor, and food. Weapons and armor vary greatly in their effectiveness: pay attention to their descriptions and you'll learn which ones are better. There are 31 monsters in the forest. They are currently differentiated by name only. Movement is via the cursor keys. Trees are impassable, and usually immovable. Escape the forest at the eastern or western borders. "Bump" a treasure to inspect it. There are no traps, so all treasure is safe to check out. "Bump" a monster to attack it. If your hit points reach zero, you're dead. Press the spacebar or the period (".") to rest and regain one hit point. Type "e" to eat some food, if you have any. Hunger greatly reduces your combat ability!
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  5. TextElite View File Imagine yourself, commander Jameson, in the cockpit of the Cobra MK-III with 100 Cr. in your bank and stationed on Lave, one of the more well known colonized planets. You're setting out to be a master trader and to get rich by exploiting commodity markets across the galaxy! This simulation engine is very faithful to the original procedural universe algorithms found in the actual Elite game. There are 8 galaxies to explore, each containing 256 totally different inhabited planets that you can travel to. Each planet is named, has certain government types and inhabiting species, and you can read a short description that characterizes the planet and what it is famous or notorious for. Of course every planet has a commodity trade market, and you have to exploit the various supplies or shortages and price differences to make your fortune! A simple navigation star map of the local cluster and full galaxy is also available. You can save and reload your progress to continue at a later time. Source code here https://github.com/irmen/prog8/blob/master/examples/textelite.p8 Written in Prog8, converted from original C source code obtained from http://www.elitehomepage.org/text/index.htm (this game can also run on the C-64 if you recompile it for that machine target) Submitter desertfish Submitted 10/11/20 Category Games  
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  6. The keyboard is actually USB with a PS2 controller on board and supplied with a PS2 adapter, so yes it will work with a Mac [emoji106][emoji973]️
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  7. ooh I forgot my playstation (1,3,4) and xbox (original, 360) game consoles. And my Playstation handhelds.
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  8. It would be nice if there were two buttons on the front, but I get how that's an issue... PC makers haven't had two buttons on the front of a PC case for a long time. Buuut.... it's fairly easy to drill a hole and add a button. If the NMI triggers a warm boot, like it does on the C64, I'll probably add a second button for that.
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  9. $195 is not too high a price to pay considering what people pay for mech kbds these days. I probably spent upwards of that for a keyboard project of my own across a few bespoke purchases; $65 to Mouser for misc. components and 75 Cherry Black (low budget, yes) switches, $28 for a keyboard PCB, $25 for low-budget keycaps from China, $87 for too-fancy key decals and now I have to make a case. Will it be worth it? Maybe. Is this WASD worth it (to me). Yup! But I don't have the $$ at the moment either, so this will wait until my November discretionary funds roll in; until then, it's baked beans out of a can for lunch.
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  10. I really hope not. ESC is not the "break" function on any other computer system I'm aware of, and the ESC key does serve a critical UI function (close dialogs or go back to a higher level menu). RESTORE on the Commodore VIC-20 and 64 worked because it was wired to the NMI pin on the CPU. So it has the ability to bypass the keyboard input subroutine and can trigger a warm boot (or perform any other function) even if the computer is crashed - so long as the NMI handler is not trashed. This is impossible with the PS/2 keyboard, because none of the keys is directly wired to a pin like that. So last I saw, the CX16 prototype was fitted with an NMI button, but it would be on the front panel of the computer, not the keyboard. Bear in mind that I'm just an observer, but I expect that as the KERNAL matures, the current workaround key sequences will be removed and the dedicated keys will be introduced. So F4 will serve another purpose, and Control-C will stop acting as the break key. Bear in mind, however, that the three keys used for RESTORE, 40/80, and RUN/STOP are special keys on PCs and not included on all keyboards any more. RESTORE is the Print Screen key, 40/80 is Scroll Lock, and Run/Stop is actually the Break key on a PC keyboard. So if the emulator switches to using those keys (rather than the current stopgap functions), some users may not be able to access them.
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  11. Collision detection in modern 3D games - the thought is dizzying. Sounds like really advanced stuff. I am happy to be stuck in the 8/16 bit world : ).
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  12. What do I have: - snes - Nintendo 64 - Gamecube - Wii - Wii U - Switch - Gameboy - Gameboy Color - DS - DS XL - DS XL 3D - Sega GameGear - Atari 2600 - Atari Lynx - Atari 65XE - Atari 800XE - Atari 520ST - Atari 1040ST - Atari 1040STf - Atari 1040STfm - Atari 1040 STe (2x) - Atari Mega STe (2x) - Atari TT030 - Atari Falcon - Commodore C16 (with internal 64k) - Commodore 64 Breadbin (3x) - Commodore 64C (2x) - Commodore C128 - Amiga 500 (2x) - Amiga 2000 (2x) - Amiga 1200 - Amiga CDtv - Apple 512k ED - Apple Macintosh Plus - Apple Macintosh SE/30 - Apple Macintosh IIfx - Apple Macintosh IIsi - Apple Macintosh Performa II - Apple Quadra 640 - Apple Quadra 840av - Apple Quadra 900 with A/UX - Apple Macintosh 8100 - Apple Macintosh 8600 - Apple Macintosh 9600 - Apple PowerPc G3 (grey version) - Apple PowerPc G3 blue and white version -- Apple PowerPc G4 - Apple PowerMac G5 - Apple MacPro 1.1 - Apple MacPro 2.1 - Apple MacPro 3.1 - Apple xServe 2.1 - Apple xServe 3.1 - Apple Powerbook G3 - Apple Powerbook G4 (2x) - Apple MacBook - Apple MacBook Pro (2x) - Apple eMac - Apple iMac G3 - Apple iMac G5 - Apple iMac 2008 (2x) - Apple iMac 2010 27 inch - Apple iMac 2011 21 inch - Apple MacMini 2011 - ZX Spectrum 48k (I have/had more of them, no clue were they are) - Sinclair QL Oh yes the Apple Newton and Apple eMate 300, I almost forgot, ooh and the Atari Portfolio, ooh I almost forgot, an original IBM PC with 8088 and CGA color monitor. For the rest an Arduino board, some Raspberry Pi's (2 and 4) and some Cypress PSoc's That's it.
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