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    Just some further updates. I have finished the assembly of the board along with the patches that Kevin has documented. It’s not working yet, and my schedule has been very full this week. I’ve ordered some parts I need to build a test rig, and I have a logic analyzer that I just got. So not much to report yet. But just in summary my test rig lets me get to the very basics and monitor and control many parts of the system. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    i would never attempt half the things that David does. A friend of my grandfathers who worked on TV's in the 50s killed himself trying to repair one. He touched the wrong thing and got electrocuted. One of my college professor's who worked on the UNIVAC had a bolt of lightning shoot out his nose from trying to repair a tv. Even really really really smart people make mistakes we are human not perfect.
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    I ordered the key tester from WASD and decided against the dampeners. They take the satisfying crisp feeling of bottoming out the key away and replace it with a mushy, rubbery end. Also, the dampeners are quite expensive. (Not saying they're overpriced - I expect most of the cost is in the work for installing them - just that it's probably not worth the money unless you really care a lot about making the keyboard as silent as possible.)
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    May your clicks be loud and proud. You paid handsomely for them!
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    Yes I meant ISO mode ive read the docs and figured it out. this does the trick: lda #$0F jsr $FFD2 Im sorry for asking simple questions like that i never had any experience with C64 Programming so the API related stuff confuses me a little. Thanks though
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    According to the FAQ, and the pictures we've seen so far, the VERA will have NTSC Composite and S-Video output. Another thing to consider: most North American TVs that have component input also support composite video, usually with the Y (luma signal) component jack (usually green instead of yellow like most full-time composite video jacks). So, check your TV again. Also, there are converters for VGA to HDMI or DisplayPort, but they are usually no cheaper than a thrift store monitor, which almost always have VGA inputs still. So, you have no shortage of options, especially in the US.
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    I've updated Rogue Forest. The source is in a line-less BASIC 2.0, split among several files and with pseudo long variables. I need just a bit of "flash" and I need to tune the game balance; then it will be 1.0. https://github.com/bobbyjim/x16-rogue-forest
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    Yeah, I believe it is actually Dijkstra that i have ended up with, just very simplified. Every time a ghost needs to move, it calculates the distance to the player for all open fields that it can move to in a single step and then just chooses the field with the shortest distance. If necessary, I might end up adding some sort of randomization like David has done for the Planet X3 pathfinding. Btw, just want to add that Computerphile has some nice videos on Dijkstra's- and A* algorithms https://youtu.be/GazC3A4OQTE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySN5Wnu88nE
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    I got the X16 one with MX Clear switches.
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