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    Lean is a macroassembler without macros. It pattern matches things like A=300 against A=<constant> and generates appropriate code for that ; e.g. ldx #1 lda #44 (300 = $0144). There's some code to hack structures and procedures, so you get this weird pseudoassembler, without any actual 6502 assembler. The idea came from here http://www.terse.com which is an x86 implementation of the same idea, though I have a memory of a very similar thing for the Z80 years ago. What makes it unreadable is only have 24 bits of storage inside the 6502. The 6502 has one purpose in life ; to be cheap. It looks like this https://github.com/paulscottrobson/lean/blob/master/testing/balls.src it's not that readable, but it's *very* fast compared to anything other than raw assembler. The mario demo (test1.src) goes like stink . The balls demo has to be slowed down otherwise it's just a blur. You pays your money. Really the answer is probably a compiler that compiles pseudo-code when it suits or 6502 assembler when it suits ; the 90/10 rule. Your pcode interpreter doesn't care about speed efficiency and your 6502 code doesn't care about space efficiency. I had a language which was syntactically closer to XCPL but had no assignment statement that I wrote for the Z80 (which can do 16 bit stuff straight off), but more readable than Lean.
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    Now that's cool! I love seeing different versions of popular devices, consoles, and computers from around the world. No matter if they are legal clones or not, especially "retro" tech, it's neat to see. Thanks for sharing! Never even knew these existed.
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