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    I have the red and white Official Raspberry Pi Keyboard (UK model) and Mouse, and the keyboard has the same ribbon cable as the Raspberry Pi 400 keyboard, because it is the same keyboard except for some printing (e.g. ScrLk is power). Somebody replaced the keyboard on the Raspberry Pi 400 with the black Official Raspberry Pi Keyboard (DE model). I'm also interested in the pinout of the ribbon cable because I thought of developing my own keyboard controller using e.g. an Arduino. Now the keyboard controller is using a one time programmable (OTP) microcontroller: Holtek HT45R0072.
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    I was wondering about that. Looks good!
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    Nice! I often prefer "function over form", I always have. So your workspace looks perfectly normal to me. I have seen other C64's in the past with dust covers like that one. I never had one personally, but I did used to put this fabric cover I had over it when I was not using it for any long period of time. It was made to fit the C64 to it just slipped right over it nice and snug. Lastly, space is also my problem. I have a small desk and workspace, and it's already taken up by my main PC, 2 displays, a server PC, and various other random hardware and parts, as well as my tool sets. Still, where there's a will, there's a way. lol Very cool! I used to run BONIC a lot, but it's been several years. I was a big fan of Seti@Home. I like seeing people running Raspberry Pi systems. I have the original B+ and a 3B+, had both since they were released. The old Model 1 B+ used to run Retropie for 16-bit and earlier console emulation, but the newer versions of Retropie run so slowly on it that I moved all my emulation to the much more capable 3B+, and I am able to easily push into the PS1/N64 era as well as much better arcade emulation. The 3B+ is also a very capable Steam Link device, also via Retropie. That's what I have installed in that Retroflag MegaPi case you see on my desk in the photo above. Not to mention, Wi-Fi makes SFTP so much more convenient. I have been looking at the Pi 400, but to be honest, the more I look at it, the more I think I would enjoy a Model 4B 4GB or 8GB instead. Same basic hardware configuration anyway, but with the 4B I save space, and as you can see on my desk photo, I really don't have room for a 400. I also already have all the other necessary peripherals, plus I get to put it in my own choice of case since it's the standard Pi 4 form factor. lol
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    I've just released Prog8 5.1 It contains a few bugfixes (such as making breakpoints in Vice work again), but the bulk of the changes are improvements to the generated assembly code. Certain array accesses, value assignments and value comparisons have seen optimizations and the result is that the "plasma" benchmark from the millfork-benchmarks project now runs at around the same speed as the optimized CC65 version does. note I made an error in the setting of the graphics mode in this release. The VIC YSCROLL register ($d011) is not set correctly. You can fix this in your own code or wait for the next Prog8 version to be released.... Sorry
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