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  1. At long last, my PR adding Zsound's music format ZSM has been accepted and merged! This means that there is now an official version of a current tracker that you can use to make music for Commander X16 and use the music on system with Zsound. The exciting thing about this is that Furnace supports native VERA channels, so no more having to work with Sega Genesis mode in Furnace or Deflemask and export via VGM! For now, the ZSM export module does not support the PCM channel of VERA, so don't expect to use that channel and have it in your music on Commander X16, but other than that, it's completely functioning as a music tracker.
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  2. A couple years ago someone made a joke video about this project, and it showed a breadboard sticking up out of the case. Now you're telling us: this is actually possible, as a daughter board. It's a little late for design changes here, but if this makes sense to @Michael Steil and @Frank van den Hoef the applications of this little machine expand from teaching programming to also teaching electronics.
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  3. With the change to IRQLINE coming in the next version of VERA, it should be easy to incorporate PCM audio snippets into Zsound; well, relatively easily. I am working on something to demonstrate FASTMATH (boy, that escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hand fast), and if I can just drop in Zsound and have triggered sound effects and background music then great. I'd sure like a link to Furnace and your code in this thread, please.
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  4. It's moved here: https://yukiis.moe/
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