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    Version 0.0.5


    BASLOAD is best described as a BASIC tokenizer. It takes BASIC source code stored on disk in plain text format, and loads it into RAM. While loading the file, it's tokenzied so that it can be run by the built-in BASIC interpreter. The purpose of BASLOAD is to enhance the programming experience by letting you edit BASIC source code in the editor of your choosing without using line numbers. Instead of line numbers, named labels are defined as targets for GOTO and GOSUB statements. Instructions on how to use it and source code is found here: https://github.com/stefan-b-jakobsson/basload
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is the release of a STNICCC Demo Remake for the Commander X16! I have been (silently) working on this for the last couple of weeks/months. It is time to release it :). Let's just say: the Commander X16 is far more powerful than I had thought! Here is a video of it running: Enjoy! Regards, Jeffrey --- PS. There was an earlier attempt to remake this demo on the X16 (done by Oziphanto on youtube). Oziphanto did a very nice comparison video of the X16 with several other machines of the 8-bit and 16-era: He also re-created this demo, but (in my opinion) did not do such a good job extracting everything out of the X16: his demo ran in 2:32. The remake I made does it in 1:39! His benchmark comparison should therefore be updated: Keep in mind the Commander X16 only has: - An 8-bit 6502 cpu (8MHz) - No DMA - No Blitter Yet it keeps up with 16-bit machines like the Amiga! (actually its even faster right now) --- Extra notes: - This only works on the x16 emulator with 2MB of RAM - It uses the original data (but its split into 8kb blocks, so it can fit into banked ram) - Waaaayyy to much time is spend on the core-loop to make it perform *this* fast! - My estimate is that it can be improved by another 10-15 seconds (I have a design ready, but it requires a re-write of the core-loop) - It uses a "stream" of audio-file data and produces 24Khz mono sound (this will not work on the real x16, since loading the files that fast is a feature of the emulator only) Here is a version without audio (so this should run on a real x16): And it runs even faster (1:36:90)
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