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    Version 1.0.0


    Boulder Dash style game written in Commander X16 BASIC for learning purposes. Link to detailed description and access to source code on my blog: https://www.8bitcoding.com/p/crazy-boulder.html
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a tool for converting tilemaps made in Pyxel Edit to the binary format that X16 uses in tile mode 2/4/8 bpp. A two byte header set to 0 will be added. It is a simple Console Application made in .NET core. If I understand things right it should be executable on macOS and Linux beside WIndows. Instructions: 1. Export your tilemap from Pyxel Edit , select JSON as format (NOT xml or text). 2. Run the application (PyxelTilemapConverter.exe) with two arguments: filename and which palette offset your tiles should be using. Pyxel Edit is very handy because you can design both tilesets and tilemaps in the same application. It helps to cut development time. But if you're looking for a better tilemap editor I strongly reccommend Tiled Map Editor which is very powerful. And the good news is that I have made two extensions for exporting maps from Tiled as well : ) ).
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    Version 3.91


    VolksForth Readme VolksForth is a 16bit Forth System produced by the German Forth Gesellschaft e.V. The main repository lives here: https://github.com/forth-ev/VolksForth Major development of this system was done between 1985 until 1989. The VolksForth Project was revived in 2005 with the goal to produce a managable Forthsystem for computer systems with restricted system resources. Some modern Forth Systems were influenced by or were derived from VolksForth (GNU-Forth, bigForth). The current Version of VolksForth is 3.81. Version 3.9.x will be interim versions on the way to sync all VolksForth targets and move towards compliance with the 2012 Forth standard. Version 3.8.x is based on the Forth 83 standard, Version 4.00 will be based on the current 2012 Standard (https://forth-standard.org). At this time VolksForth is available for this Systems: VolksForth MS-DOS (Intel x86 architecture i8086/i186/i286/i386/i486 etc) VolksForth 6502 (Commodore 64, Commodore Plus 4, Commander X16, Apple 1, Apple ][, Atari XL/XE) VolksForth Z80 (CP/M, Schneider CPC) VolksForth 68000 (Atari ST, Amiga with EmuTOS) Copyright The VolksForth Sources are made available under the terms of the BSD Lizenz - http://www.opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.php The Handbook is Copyright (c) 1985 - 2020 Forth Gesellschaft e.V. ( Klaus Schleisiek, Ulrich Hoffmann, Bernd Pennemann, Georg Rehfeld, Dietrich Weineck, Carsten Strotmann). (most of the Information is still in german. We are planning to provide future versions with englisch documentation) Have fun with VolksForth the VolksForth Team
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    Version 0.4


    A game where you have to visit all fields in a maze with your "block". For the latest version and to see the source, go to https://github.com/JimmyDansbo/cx16-maze
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