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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Tetrads is a clone of a popular falling brick style game. So you'll know how to play it. This version has an amazing soundtrack, which changes tunes every 40 lines cleared. There's a total of 5 unique songs which were designed specifically for the X16's combination of FM and PSG. The backgrounds, which represent science and technology, also change every 20 lines cleared. This gives the game a sense of progression and makes it not only a fun game by an adventure in sight and sound! Keyboard controls: ----------------- LEFT/RIGHT/DOWN - move bricks Z/X - rotate left/right SPACE - Drop brick ESC or RUN/STOP - Abort game RETURN - Pause game SNES controls: ----------------- LEFT/RIGHT/DOWN - move bricks Y/B - Rotate left/right X - Drop brick START - Pause SELECT+START - abort game
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  2. Version 1.1


    This is the initial version of Calliope, a music library player for Zsound's ZSM music files. The current version of the player is complete as a simple browser/player. You can put any .ZSM files into any folder and it will let you browse to it and play them. This is the initial version, and is far from implementing all the features I want to do. However, this is not a work-in-progress mockup - it is fully functional and useful for browsing your audio assets if you're making a game, or just like listening to tunes. The download includes a collection of various music I've collected and converted into ZSM format. The folders are organized by their source - most are from VGMrips.net (Arcade folder) but since the Zsound VGM conversion tool is able to convert other chips into the Commander X16's chips' formats, you'll find many tunes from Sega Genesis or games that used the YM2202. In the future, I will be adding even more chips to the conversion tool (NES APU being the one I intend to do next). Furnace / Deflemask folders are also present with a few examples from Deflemask's demos collection, and in the Furnace folder is a collection of tunes designed NATIVELY for the Commander X16. Furnace tracker supports VERA PSG, and it can export these tunes directly into ZSM format. Some members of the Furnace discord have submitted demo tunes which are included along with .TXT files giving them credit (no meta data in ZSM for such details). The next major feature will be to create, save, and load playlists of music and leave it running with your tunes playing back on REAL HARDWARE. What could be cooler than that? The download is in the form of an SD image, as emulators do not let you change directories on the Host FS. I've also included ZIP archives for the entire collection+Calliope, as well as only Calliope and the default skin in case you only need to upgrade your player from 1.0
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  3. Version 1.0.0


    The Complete Game! New version with better graphics, sound, and music than before!
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  4. Version 1.1


    This is a topdown racing game. If you ever played Rally Speedway for Commodore 64 or Atari, it will feel familiar. I consider it a late sequel, somewhat improved actually and hopefully still fun. Starting the game: (The TRY-IT-NOW-button is disabled because the game is developed for the latest release of the emulator (r41). All game files should be in the same directory. Depending of how many game controllers you have, this is how you start the X16 emulator: No controllers: Just start the emulator and use the following keys: Ctrl - Button A, Alt - Button B, Enter - START, Cursor Keys - UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT. Naturally, you can just play in one-player-mode. One controller: Start the emulator with -joy2. Player 1 will use the keyboard and player 2 the game controller. Two controllers: Start the emulator with -joy1 -joy2. For example if you have two SNES controllers and want to load and run the game immediately: "x16emu -joy1 -joy2 -prg rallyspeedway.prg -run" Controls Up - Start the race when cars are in position A Button - Brake (the cars will accelerate to maximum speed automatically) B Button - Return to menu when race is finished Start Button - Pause game Further instructions This is an open world racing game. For every track there is a certain distance you have to drive. When you have driven the given distance, you are ready to cross any finish line you happen to find. Remaining distance is displayed in the bottom corner of the screen. Most of the time you will probably just drive the default route by following the road and continue straight ahead in every crossing if there isn't an arrow to point you in a certain direction. But you can also find your own way. Just remember that every time you crash or get too far away from the other car, the race will pause and you will be brought back to the default route. For every crash a penalty of one second is added to your time. This is also the case if you are outdistanced by the other player. You can only be outdistanced as long as the other player is on the road and driving the standard route.
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  5. Version 1.0.1


    Please find below a new ROM flash utility that we ( @Wavicle and myself ) have created in preparation for the CX16 production release. When you have the CX16 actual hardware, then this utility is to be used to update your CX16 ROM with a newly released ROM.BIN file, once such become available. However, for those curious to try, you can run this tool on your emulator. Just deploy the PRG file and a newly ROM.BIN file onto an SD card image. Start the emulator with the SD card image option, and load the CX16-ROM-FLASH.PRG, and run the program. You'll see the flashing procedure in action, first loading the ROM.BIN completely into the internal memory first, and it will wait for a key press from the user. Once you press the key, the ROM will be flashed. Once the ROM flashing process is completed, the CX16 will reset. (Not sure that after reset, the rom will have the latest image then in the emulator, but it's worth to try ...). This is the first release of this, and further release will be made. Also this tool will like make its way to the official production software stack. The execution of this program, on official CX16 hardware, confirmed that the ROM upgrade process is feasible and that the ROMs are upgradable.
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  6. Version 4.3


    A WIP port of Advance Wars for the GBA to the commander x16 Instructions/controls are here: https://github.com/cnelson20/x16wars/blob/master/docs/README.md I recommend using the native keyboard controls, so WASD to move the cursor/within menus , I as the 'a' button and U as the 'b' button.
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  7. Version 1.2.2


    This is a Breakout/Blockout/Arkanoid inspired game. . It is my very first try on the X16. You have to use a mouse or a joystick (cursor keys + enter on the emulator) It's tested an working on real hardware. Available power ups (no keycodes, you have to catch the dropping badges): [L]: adds one live to player [M]: paddle is magnetic for 30 seconds. Can only hold one ball at a time. [C]: twin laser cannon for 15 seconds, 16 rounds in a row (if you are quick). [D]: Duplicates ball, so now you can have fun with 2... Keyboard commands: 's': sound on/off. 'p': pause game 'q': quit game. Use the "Try now" button to test in browser window How to use on the emulator: Unpack ZIP file into the same directory as the emulator. Start the emulator, then enter type LOAD"BRIXX.PRG" RUN How to use on X16 hardware: Unpack ZIP file on SD card. Put into X16 hardware Power on type LOAD"BRIXX.PRG" RUN Let me know what you think...
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  8. Version 0.0.3


    This is an in-development game that I have been creating. It's main purpose is to aid in a set of tools I've been developing for creating VERA graphics resources (https://github.com/jestin/gimp-vera-tileset-plugin and https://github.com/jestin/tmx2vera), however the project has recently started to take on a life of its own. This is a very incomplete game (only one partially complete level, and no real goals), but should give a feel for how the graphics and game play will be. When more features are added to the game, I'll update this demo. This requires emulator version 41.
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  9. Version 1.0.1


    While waiting for the X16 to get real, I started to design my own computer case. I want it to resemble the keyboard or wedge-shape cases of the 80ies era. I owned a TI-994A and a Atari ST back then and I wanted to have something similar where I can put the X16 board in. I've integrated a Xtrfy TKL K4 keyboard and integrated a MISTER, Raspberry Pi (and a KVM Switch). I've published the design on Thingivers, where you can find the latest versions (I won't update here): >>Link Assembly might be a challenge and you have to see what type screws to use to mount things together. LICENSE: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)
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  10. Version r41 ("Marrakech")


    Precompiled emulators for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This is the latest version. Older versions can be downloaded from the GitHub releases page. (Note: To run on Mac use "Ctrl-click/Right-click > Open" instead of "Double-click" due to security protocols)
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