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    I am in love with game. I want it on all platforms at all times.
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    That blows my Mind. Really Impressive and I thought the Commander X16 isn't capable of running 3D Applications.
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    This is AWESOME. I can totally see a game like Comanche based on this.
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    Wow! Very cool demo! How did you do this?
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    Very impressive stuff! I ported a simple raycasting routine from an existing C routine to x86-64 assembly to see if I could beat the compiler (and I did but not by much). The thing used quite of lot of floating point math. Nothing a modern x86 CPU can't handle but with the 65c02 you have to be very clever! Well done!
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    Really nice demo! Speedy too!
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    Very fun! I love the sound effects. Reminds me of playing Space Invaders on my Atari 2600 as a kid.
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    Outstanding editor! I have been using nano on the command line for years when developing, and this like solution is so intuitive and natural to use. I will be working on the ROM integration next so it can be coupled with the cc64 compiler being developed. Thanks so much for porting to the x16.
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    What (TomXP411) said! Amazing! Thanks so much for this. Looking forward to hammering on it, and to see how far it will take the system.
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    This looks good. It's reactive enough to be playable. I'm sure adding game elements will slow things down a bit further, but this is very impressive! The strafe-move doesn't seem to work for me , but I don't care!
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    I'm really impressed with this! It looks very promising, so one day, you might actually achieve a full port of Wolfenstein 3D.
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    What a brilliant, bald-faced, ridiculous, incredible lie. You, good sir, are a magician. A cheat and a charlatan. And I love you for it.
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    Great game! Simple but very playable, the essence of 8-bit gaming.
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    Well, this is a paradigm changer! Now we can compile C code directly on the Commander, no need for external compilers.
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