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    5* for such a good tutorial series
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    It is like a Benchmark but I like it.
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    Kinda fun, the delays before being able to move on could be tweaked or eliminated imho. (In other words, why have a delay before presenting "press space to continue"?)
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    Whee now with sound, awesome!
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    Very cool idea! Was thinking of doing something like this myself in assembly, but you've beaten me to it
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    Probably the best example application that I know of.
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    I liked to use Turbo Vision in days of DOS. Now I wish to try this in days of X16. ) Giving 5 stars based just on screenshots and documentation. Didn't actually try it myself.
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    Great start to an original point-and-click adventure. I enjoyed the mechanics, the characters, and the aesthetic. Good stuff. Looking forward to future versions.
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    Awesome game, definitely captures the 16-bit feel, though more powerups and some more variety in background would be nice. Still, amazing game, taking advantage of X16's more 16-bit-ish side.
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    Made me laugh, thank you. Great work!
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    My little girl and I had great fun playing this game, she loves hamsters and kept taking over until she got stuck and then Daddy had to come back to help. Between us we got to the end - love the quirkiness and the twist with the dog, we were terrified he was going to eat us! Looking forward to the next bit!
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    This could be the beginning of a REAL built in BASIC programming editor. Very nice work.
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    Very nice and playable!
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