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    Plays well. Good polish. Great job!
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    Fun and complete! Very cool, so much good stuff! A must-try.
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    This could be the beginning of a REAL built in BASIC programming editor. Very nice work.
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    Very nice and playable!
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    Great demo Stephen. I also linked the getting started on X16 links on the github page. Especially: http://skilldrick.github.io/easy6502/ and https://skilldrick.github.io/easy6502/simulator.html . I tinkered with 6502 Assembly as a kid, but didn't get very far. The X16 has me keen to remedy that. Your code looks really well documented, so I'll be looking through that and trying to figure out how it hangs together and how to work with the X16's graphics.
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    Great game, didn't expect it to have so many levels! I actually got to the 16th one before I remembered I wanted to check out the rest of the site. Would recommend!
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    Simple, but addictive game ! I finished it !
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    Kinda fun, the delays before being able to move on could be tweaked or eliminated imho. (In other words, why have a delay before presenting "press space to continue"?)
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    Whee now with sound, awesome!
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    Very cool idea! Was thinking of doing something like this myself in assembly, but you've beaten me to it
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    Probably the best example application that I know of.
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    I liked to use Turbo Vision in days of DOS. Now I wish to try this in days of X16. ) Giving 5 stars based just on screenshots and documentation. Didn't actually try it myself.
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    Great start to an original point-and-click adventure. I enjoyed the mechanics, the characters, and the aesthetic. Good stuff. Looking forward to future versions.
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    Awesome game, definitely captures the 16-bit feel, though more powerups and some more variety in background would be nice. Still, amazing game, taking advantage of X16's more 16-bit-ish side.
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    Made me laugh, thank you. Great work!
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    My little girl and I had great fun playing this game, she loves hamsters and kept taking over until she got stuck and then Daddy had to come back to help. Between us we got to the end - love the quirkiness and the twist with the dog, we were terrified he was going to eat us! Looking forward to the next bit!
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    Very nice example to create my own chars.
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    Made me LOL. Great job!
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    Well, this is a paradigm changer! Now we can compile C code directly on the Commander, no need for external compilers.
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    Short and simple, but a perfect tutorial code to get you up and running with sprites in no time! This is my starting point to the X16.
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    excellent. brings back good memories. thanks.
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    Impressive, I particularly like the upgrades that are dropping down at certain times! Reminds me of Arkanoid. I was expecting upgrades to come out of a destroyed brick instead of just simply appearing somewhere. Some upgrades didn't seem to do anything such as the L ? I'm not sure though, have to replay some more.
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    My comments are regarding the version of the game uploaded today on Aug 26, 2020. This is a great start. I got stuck in the scene with the hay until I read the help about controls and used the hidden control bar. Later, when I escaped the cage, it gave me a thrill of success, which I don't usually feel from games in general anymore. This is transporting me back to a simpler time. The cavies are cute and their names made me smirk, especially Winifred. The music is soothing. Having said that, I'm currently stuck in the scene with the table that has the dog food and water. Nothing I click on seems to do anything, even using all the actions in the hidden control bar. Can't even back-out of the scene -- I'm a prisoner there. Since this is labeled an alpha version, I don't know if it's possible for a player to get farther than this or not. Back in the '80s or '90s, I gave up on these point-n-click adventures because it became too frustrating when I had no clue what to do next, and would spend hours trying a million things that didn't work. As simple as your game is, perhaps it could still benefit from a hint button in the top menu bar, that gives advice based on what scene the person is in... even when you (as the creator) think it's obvious. As for me, I'm new to X16. Downloaded the emulator just today. EDIT: You asked if I tried mousing over the table top. Prior to your message, I had tried clicking on the 3 boards that are in the center and toward the top of the table, which produced no result, thus I concluded that clicking on the table top does nothing. After your message, I noticed hovering the mouse pointer over certain boards of the table changes the pointer style. Then I removed the boards but still couldn't solve the puzzle. Found your YouTube video and then did what you showed, and that worked. To me, that's as random as can be, because a cavey would never be capable of doing those manipulations. Well, that's why I am bad at point-n-click games. What made more sense to me to try was to lure the goat over to the food dishes by "talk"-ing (chortling) at the food. And, bump the table legs to tip the containers over.
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    Nice simple game. You could add a score by giving the user a certain number of points per block visited and then subtract points for visiting a block more than once.
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    Really great to see the improvements to this and incredible that it supports the mouse through the web emulator, just as it would a PS/2 mouse on the X16 itself. Great job! (A small suggestion: The sound of each hit could perhaps be pitch-tuned randomly each time very slightly, within a semitone each way, to add more variety to each hit... Just a thought.)
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    I followed all announcments of this game in the Facebook group. It was interesting to observe progress and I very much like it's current state. Thank you for a fresh look on an old classic game with yet new expirience!
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    Incredible work! It works great, even in the web emulator with mouse support. Nice work!
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    Loved it!! Giving four stars because the sound is missing. If you could nail the sound I'll give it 5 stars, keep it up RE: See I gave five stars!! Also: I am running it on emulator in Windows, graphics are not working correctly(Screenshot attached). I am not sure if it's windows' emulator or something else.
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    It is the Ur-Demo, the one from which all others have sprung!
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    Great game. In the beginning I did not think it worked correctly because I did not read all of the text in the start screen and thought that all 4 arrow keys could be used to control the snake. After I actually read the start screen, I was able to play the game. It runs great and is fun to play, although I have not come past level 1 yet
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