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  1. Another message from @Kevin Williams on Facebook: The big take-aways from this one: Target 512KB of RAM. Future systems will be limited to this, with 2MB for "power user" systems, such as developers Rough estimate of retail sales is: "Christmas of next year." https://www.facebook.com/groups/CommanderX16/permalink/1285577575526667/ Note: Kevin will not see your responses to this post unless you tag him directly.
  2. I think the situation has already been explained in the "Change Of Command" thread. Maybe you can move any other questions there, or start a new thread if you have concerns not addressed there. Thank you.
  3. Update: It looks like they made the change last night, while those of us in the US slept. So far, things look good. I'm going through right now and applying some recommended changes to the hosting settings (PHP versions, stuff like that.)
  4. Hello, all. As we work toward making the CX16 Community an independent entity, we will be moving the website hosting to a new account on the same provider. This should be relatively painless, but there's the possibility that there will be some disruptions as we move the data and files over. If this does happen, try back in an hour or so to see if things are better. While we don't yet have a specific time the transfer will take place, we'll try to give you a warning before it actually happens. Thank you all, and I hope your second week of the new year is as fantastic as you are. -- The Management
  5. Topic locked. David answered the question. And please don't market any other projects on here. It's rude.
  6. One more time for the people in the back row, mind your language.
  7. Yeah, one of the many things that broke during the software upgrade. I'll have a look at it, but currently, my time is extremely limited. Please remember this is all strictly volunteer work.
  8. To be perfectly honest, I understand that some people want/need Tapatalk, but currently, I'm glad that this site has survived some major upgrades we had to do as well as it did. I will not be able to fix this in the near future. I'm not using Tapatalk myself, and I'm in camp "the nag screen annoys me".
  9. I'm only using Twitter actively. A warning though, on my own channels I'm very much political. And potty-mouthed. https://twitter.com/MattGrandis
  10. Fantastic, thanks @SebastianVoges! I've updated the version on our end to R38.
  11. Here's Stefany's, well, kinda goodbye video.
  12. We're all passionate about the things we like (or don't) but always remember, no piece of technology is worth getting irritated over. Or getting others irritated. We're all here to enjoy the same hobby.
  13. That would be my job. Is the web emulator on version r38 already?
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