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  1. I've removed the case conversion from the code and it's working again. So it's up to the programmer to take care of referencing files correctly again now.
  2. Hm, this is a conundrum. File names and manifest entries are all lower case now, but it's still not working.
  3. Ah, lower case then! Same result, hopefully. I'm testing it now ...
  4. Oh, that's interesting. I'll change the code on our end so that it makes everything (manifest and filenames) uppercase, that should account for the problem in the future.
  5. I'm pretty sure the emulator on this site was already the latest version, but I've updated it with a fresh download, just to be sure. Same as before, so it seems to be an issue with the web version.
  6. .seq files are being loaded now, they weren't whitelisted before (gotta take security seriously). Still doesn't seem to do any spiral movements though. Is the latest version of the emulator needed for it to work?
  7. It's almost perfect on Windows 10 / Chrome. A little stutter here or there, but a lot better and very usable! On Firefox it's still stuttering though, sadly.
  8. I'm with you. I think a self-contained zip file is best. I'm trying to help devs by creating the manifest.json on the fly and injecting it into the zip file, but if it already exists -- all the better!
  9. We've been mulling over whether it would be a good idea to be able to put the manifest.json OUTSIDE the zip file, but before you do any work in that direction (unless you want to), I'll try rewriting our code so it adds the manifest.json directly to the zip file. One thing though: it looks like the "old" way doesn't work anymore. It's throwing an error: "Unable to read manifest. Check the manifest http parameter". See here: https://www.commanderx16.com/emulator/x16emu.html?manifest=/emulator/9-chase-vault/ The manifest.json file still exists like before.
  10. I'm adding the new functionality now. I'll have to adapt some code on the server to add dealing with zip files, so until further notice, the Try it now function might break! I'll give notice here when everything's back to normal again.
  11. Amazing work, @SebastianVoges! I'll upload that version to our site ASAP. It's going to make handling zip files so much easier for us, we definitely owe you a beverage of your choice!
  12. Don't be intimidated. Embrace what's at your disposal and make it work for you. Some people do amazing things with PETSCII graphics alone. Every contribution is "good enough". This isn't a competition. The important thing is to enjoy the journey. PS: Personally, I think BASIC is sexy.
  13. Passing a zip file would be great! We've already added a note to our implementation that it only works with PRG files. It is a fantastic feature nonetheless! Thanks for your work!
  14. @SebastianVogesWe have some uploads that are pure BASIC files. Is there a way to load them too via a manifest or does it only work with PRG files?
  15. Hello World View File This is just a test file for some experimental features! Submitter MattGrandis Submitted 06/04/20 Category Games  
  16. Thank you for your consideration, Kevin! They are most definitely categorized as sci-fi, but simply because they're dealing with Roswell lore. Personally, I'm not too fond of reducing the story to that part, because that might lead to people expecting a hard sci-fi thriller, which it isn't. It's more character drama, coming-of-age and small-town soap opera, but with aliens (not technically aliens). It's the heartfelt journey of a lost young woman who felt like an alien her whole life, finally finding her family in the most unexpected of places. With lots of comedic relief, delivered by the fan-favorite pop culture obsessed alien (not technically alien) character, who acts as an outside commentator on all our weird little human peculiarities. My goal was to create the fun, quirky "small town in the middle of nowhere having to deal with the unexpected" feel of the Tremors movies.
  17. I'm Matt and I'm helping out with the boring tech stuff behind the scenes on here. My journey began with a VIC-20 in the early 80s, followed by a C64 and an Amiga 500 before being dragged kicking and screaming into the PC era in the mid 90s. And basically, it's all downhill from there, which is why when I saw David's video on his dream computer, I simply sat there with an open mouth, nodding along vigorously. Other than that, I'm the writer and producer of the Blue Skies Chronicles® series of novels and audiobooks. Give them a listen, people seem to like them.
  18. Hi @SebastianVoges! Impressive work! We have a copy of the emulator running on this site, available via the Try It Online Here button on the home page. Are you keeping the version on your Github page current? If so, maybe it would make sense to link directly there instead of having to keep our own version current, @Perifractic?
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    It's fixed! Comment away, but be nice.
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