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  1. Hi john, it was not butchered
  2. Salut Doigt. Francophone d’où ? (J’ai vu le blason sur ton profil mais je ne voudrais pas dire de bêtises....fleur de lys et l'aigle ça m’évoquerait la Belgique... ou le Québec)
  3. Hi, I am Philippe, from France. I followed the x16 project for a while and now hop into it. Quick background : C64, then Atari ST, then several PCs, and finally Apple, ... Software engineer now working at IBM France Lab. Few months ago I also followed and started to work with the C256 Foenix project by Stefany Allaire, a very interesting and promising (imho) new retro computer that aimed to be what a successor of the C128 could have been. Unfortunately Stefany decided to stop the development of the hardware and the project seems now a bit calm, even on sleep . As I still want to try to do some developments from scratch on a "basic" computer (compared to nowadays standards) I will try to do that with the X16. I am mainly interested in graphics and UI programming and have some ideas about that. I have done some work on the C256 and will try to reiterate for X16. I will keep you updated here. As I am not a assembly guy I will code in C with cc65. So, stay tuned, lol
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