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I started my career on a Commodore Pet when, at the age of 12, my low-income area middle-school received a grant and purchased a single computer which was kept in the media center in our school library.

By the time I made it to the hight school, a "Computer Math" class had been added to the curriculum and the classroom was full of Commodore Pets.  In 11th grade, I took "Advanced Placement Computer Science", a class that taught us structured programming via Watcom Pascal, and that was it for me.

I lived in Berkeley California during my early College years where I ran a 1200 baud, SFD-1001 based BBS and began development on a 6502 based terminal emulator; It was there that I stumbled into the world of the home brew marketplace that included Skyles Electric Works products (I met Bryce Nesbitt @ one of the Lawrence Hall of Science meetings).  After buying his 1541 Flash product and having Bryce burn me a custom ROM for my 64, he gave me the Assembler he was developing and I spent more hrs. than I can count developing utilities, games, and amusements.  Just for fun.

Fast fwd. 35 years and I still have a pile of my old disks, a Pet 4032, two SX-64s, a 128, and a modest collection of related vintage gear and magazines.  Having recently introduced my 11 year old to "Weather" on my Pet, I'm teaching her BASIC and will soon be introducing CBM Ascii, RVS field, and other important life skills.

Professionally, I'm an IT Executive as they used to call them, but really, I spend my days mentoring others in modern Product Management at an embarrassingly large company.  I'm also a Node JS developer; but just for fun.

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