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  1. If you are anti-twitter, here is what it looks like:
  2. If anybody is interested, C256 Foenix released the A2560K (keyboard version) today. 68040 goodness in an Amiga 600 style looking case with so many ports, well .... Watch he VCF East vid for the unveiling below @ 2:30:00 into the video. If you want the full Foenix update, backup about an hr. Here is what it looks like: https://twitter.com/StefanyAllaire/status/1447232100478775299 And here is the vid (again, ffwd to 2:30:00 if you are not interested in the other parts)
  3. Haha, no sorry needed; I’m not an official but didn’t see the actual posting until now. Whomever is the official can probably shut this thread down while we wait for an actual announcement.
  4. Probably everybody but me knew about this (3 days ago) but maybe some of you are not on FaceBook so also. missed this 'news'... David himself said:
  5. Odd that I didn't see anything about this. Luckily, they are very good at posting replay/YouTube of the live proceedings. Here is/was the agenda: https://www.crxevent.com/CRX2021_Schedule.html Here is the live YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM-pwz9yoNIAuIyLs_BG5dw and from here you can access prior days (and last year's vids) Lots of very cool PET and related [otherwise] Commodore and Retro content posted to Discord; here is some of what has already occurred; people like Jim Drew, Chris Abbott, Radolfo Fernandez, Stefany Allaire, Chuck Hutchins, Chris Zimmerman and others. C64 Keycap campaign Complete tear down, cleaning, and rebuild of the Commodore Datasette Part 1 The Little Topic of Sound Chips Setting up a Raspberry Pi Amiga The processes of creation of the C256 Foenix C64 productivity software overview Stupid PET Tricks New Bitfixer products A Kernal ROMance What's new in the Ultimate world! Reconstructing Habitat’s world from backups PET history The Runic Commodore 64 Here is what is in store, starting in moments:
  6. His README suggests that, however there is a Gerber folder under 'Board' that appears to have a full set of files. (I'll probably get around to cloning the repo this weekend and see how much it costs... maybe I'll buy 5 must for fun). Anyone? Also, PCBway (hate to even mention the word) offer an Eagle -> Gerber single click convert utility built into their site (or used to). Haven't tried it.
  7. Ah, my mistake. I thought he was part of the design team, in the know, and quietly leaking that something was happening. nm
  8. Are you saying that X16p is “IN PRODUCTION”, meaning that a quantity are being produced for sale? If so, that’s great news!!
  9. Looking for 40 char PETSCII or IBM era 80 col color fare? If the latter, there are BBSes still online via telnet tunnel, some very impressive. If you are after some sweet CBM ASCII, I recorded two images awkwardly into a terminal emulator I developed 35 yrs ago and during the early days of the lockdown, I pulled them off am old Verbatim floppy. (lo-budget though... so low, it’s ‘lo’)
  10. In yet other parts of the world (Bournemouth, UK), fuel is unavailable with some petrol stations closed. Shortage of truck drivers as many are from Euro countries that left at Brexit or otherwise went home during Covid shutdown/slow downs. In some parts of the U.S., a shortage of school bus drivers are putting pressure on contracts causing rising costs. It’s going to be this way for a while longer.
  11. There is also the"Mystic Seer" Twilight Zone episode aka Nick of Time where Shat loses it in a luncheonette waiting for his car to be repaired. The Mystic Seer itself (see eBay for knock offs) is a combo napkin dispenser, fortune dispenser. "Will I go to space when I'm 90" ?! How about if they fill the Blue Origin capsule with all of his greatest hits and he can go around the horn for a full retro of his life's work? Forget about Tom Cruise beating Russia into space, Shat doing THAT would be entertainment !!
  12. Not sure if it will be broadcast live (if not, probably post event) but Stefany is giving a ‘class’ on how to create a rudimentary video controller on FPGA at VCF East on Friday Oct. 8th. As you may be aware, she owns C256 Foenix and her VICKY II and III components are built on Altera Cyclone 10 (and now IV) FPGA. I expect the class/talk to start with the basics (problem statement) of needing to take text or image in memory and manipulate clocking and data sync to fit the SVGA spec as Ben Eater’s Worlds Worst Video card did, but instead, leverage rocket fuel to take this to the next level. VICKY has all of the bells and whistles (sprites, tiles, scrolling, dual head output and more) but this talk will probably just cover basics. Should be interesting. Between some maniac (Ben) throwing graphics from ROM to screen without a CPU to the MiniPet, which uses an Atmel to emulate the CBM PET video circuitry, to SIDs and VICKY / VERA, it’s an amazing thing we are witnessing. About 15 years ago, the company I worked for bought FPGA tech to process and route virtualized namespace storage network packets at [then] line rates and it was expensive as hell. Today, you can buy an FPGA Dev board on Amazon for about $150 or less and produce your own!
  13. So is it acceptable to the no-FPGA crowd to have one or more, or a complete set of FPGA replacements in an original Breadboard? Maybe it’s the opaque, too much on one chip angle that is the problem?
  14. As with just about everything, I’ve got will power and can resist temptation... until... something like this bit of history pops up. 1 hr you’ll never get back (and won’t want to). If you have any appreciation for 80s industry lore and ‘what happened to Jack’, this will appeal to you, massively. tl;dr: the moment they can drop into workbench and run a few utilities, I’m buying one.
  15. I don’t think it’s breaking news but what are your thoughts on the next in the ‘mini’ line? As prior it looks like it’s a player for a number of games. They don’t mean much to me because I never had the dough for an Amiga and was coding professionally just to make rent as the platform gained popularity. But if you owned an Amiga or know about this upcoming release, do you have an opinion? I think I the bar is higher; in order to emulate those two fancy ICs. Doubt it will allow a faithful ‘drop into Basic’ ala C64 or in this case workbench or whatever it’s called. What do you think or know?
  16. I really have no idea what the 'rules' are around here; feels like so much has changed across the last month or two so moderator/webmeister, feel free to delete this thread; I won't complain or mind. I'm here to respectfully ask for an update, if there is one... About a month ago, 8 Bit Guy said "The X8 could be available immediately and be well under $50. I'm not sure how far under $50. I'd say as low as $25 and as high as $50. " With over 300 'votes' and voting tapered off, "immediately" well behind us, and no mention of Commander X[anything] on the VCF East agenda, I was just wondering if there was an update or maybe a date on when the folks running this show think an update might be provided. Thank you.
  17. Maybe you'll get alot of unintended traffic, the pron-crowd will see ads for crap nobody wants (or politicians nobody likes), and you'll get a free YouTube plaque for your wall and .016 per 1,000 clicks. In 2 short years you can quit your day job ("quit your day job, jack") and focus on your craft. jk. I'm up for a view, what is it?
  18. Sir Richard is fairly crusty himself. Also, I think his craft is grounded due to FAA violations. LOL Am sure there is some element of making sure Kirk’s heart is healthy and his blood pressure is not going to be an issue; that would be a publicity stunt gone wrong, otherwise. Maybe he will do the two finger tap on the console like in that Commodore commercial. That would really be something... a well produced tight camera shot of the catch phrase followed by a <tap> <tap>. That would please the masses. Jeff’s capsule is tiny and the four that flew last time had their feet in each other’s faces. Never a Star* fan but a big human space travel enthusiast, I look fwd to it. I’d go but would rather hitch a ride on Falcon (or Delta IV) heavy and get out of this hell hole.
  19. Does anybody know how they are dealing with shipping/import tariff (shipping method). As an American of Canadian ancestry : ) , I appreciate when I buy something from England that is shipped via DHL, arrives in 2 days for a reasonable price and no import duties due (TFW8Bit is brilliant at this). If Germany is the point-of-origin, I wonder what that will mean for North America? Anybody know?
  20. Why crush a dream like that... "I had a dream, once" : )
  21. Thought Mega had an SD card slot (or two)? That’s modern. And a 1581 compatible drive is not a horrible thing.
  22. Yes, they probably will cash in on the vacuum/void here. Then again, Mega 65 is more accessible to Germany and some other European countries than it would be from North America and vice versa. Always room for both, or more than two. Speaking of which, on this side of Earth (North America), there is Foenix "C256 U" and the 68K A2560; both are shipping this week (I've seen at least a 1/2 dozen people lining up for it over there from this forum). It's something new and interesting that is real, has modern graphics, a fast clock speed, uses PS/2 kbd / mouse, is 65xx* based (for the most part) but also has C compilers and other tools available and piles of memory. Who can say 'no' to something that cost $220? (don't answer that ). Holding out for something $50 or something $450 or more is sort of a non-starter for me. I'm hungry and Foenix sits in the sweet spot but no, it won't run Pet Basic programs or C64 SW. It does has SID sound (and more), and other niceties.
  23. Except the MiniPet is ‘opaque’ when it comes to the video circuitry. Said another way, it uses an ATMega (I believe) microcontroller to render a composite signal (or Pet Monitor output) from memory. Maybe you can consider the MiniPet disposable versus trashing a beloved vintage Pet and that is what you are suggesting. I have both and can easily be convinced to hack into my homebuilt MiniPet. FWIW, the video clocking of the MiniPet is semi-lame; the image is not centered on the screen and the developer has hinted at, but made no effort to correct the timing (if you have horizontal adj on your monitor it’s no big deal). It works well with an ‘external’ monitor, however, and they helped me interface an old Kaypro CRT which I bought off eBay. So I can’t complain about that. My favorite part in that 8BG video above is his dreadful soldering skills. I swear he does it for comedic affect. “3 tools... Dremel, duct tape, sledge hammer”. I think Kevin has been tutoring him, he did much better in the recent Apple I vid.
  24. Just ordered a 'shield' for the wall mount of the 'C256 U' which is on order. As some of you likely know, I mount as much of what I own on a plywood wall. This will eventually take the place of my beloved Corsham Kim One clone. Had to back into measurements via 3d model so there is a 50/50 chance that the panel will be the size of a postage stamp or the dipswitch hole/text does not line up. "Measure once, see what happens". (I can always turn it into a designer keychain). Hopefully, I'll have it in my hands by VCF East. More later...
  25. One problem is that 1,000 of anything = more money than anybody would normally want to commit to well ahead of even knowing what (or if) a product will come to fruition. Hopefully it's just fake news and nobody invested $10K or more on a pile of keyboards. Interesting that Stefany over @ Foenix has been adamant that the inclusion of anything such as a keyboard, mouse, or a boondoggle keychain is just more crap to buy, store, ship, and that equals cost-delay-logistics and more cost. ESPECIALLY if needing to ship to places like Europe where anything and everything is going drive cost up further and tariffs due from end user. She says "just a go to Amazon in your region and get your keyboard with free shipping". Maybe the bundling of Petscii Robots Sooper-Dooper Platinum edition will bring enough fans out of the woodwork and drive viral interest. Hopefully the continuing efforts of people like Matt Heffernan and CITY Connection from Ani Kirilov will keep the fire burning.
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