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  1. If David came on here and said, "We're waiting for the component shortages to end, which might be 2-3 years. Have patience, guys. We're still bringing this thing to market, it might just be a while." That would END IT. At least for all those who matter -- the NON-JERKS. Understand the difference? When David puts forward some info, and that "isn't good enough for some people", that doesn't matter, because those who don't trust David are jerks who should just leave. We don't need to appease naysayers, trolls, troublemakers, etc. This is about those who take David at face value -- who trust his leadership, who believe in this project. Those are the only people who matter! My point is that David himself has expressed grave misgivings about the future of this project -- even if I trust David, I have reason to give up on this project at this point. That was never the case, before August 19th. And thus far, after giving those grave misgivings and listing all the huge obstacles, DAVID HIMSELF hasn't put forward his new plan for us to trust him with (or not). That's a HUGE difference. If you can't see that, then I can't help you.
  2. If the August 19th announcement hadn't been made, I would have 100% agreed with you. But that is NOT the same situation we are in today. The situation totally changed when he made that announcement. Something fundamental. When the last news was 100% uncertainty and BAD NEWS, any future lack of news is not good or neutral, but bad. I'm sorry, that's just the way it works. I'd like you to give me another real-life example where someone dishes out some serious, wet-blanket, party-killing bad news, then others are supposed to interpret "no news" as either "good news" or "no news". I'll be waiting. If I were running a business, developing a hardware product that took years, I would expect investors/supporters/early adopting customers to be patient, trust the process, have faith, etc. and I wouldn't be unreasonable. But if I put on the company homepage one day, "I don't know, guys. We have shortages. This whole idea really isn't feasible. It would take too much space for storage, and I'm not looking to start a warehouse. Maybe I should develop this other product over here instead? Do you guys REALLY want this product? I don't know how I'm going to bring this product to market. What do you think I should do? (Give them a few options)" and basically throw everything up in the air, then give NO UPDATES for 49 days, what do you suppose MOST investors would say/do? There might be a couple sanguine temperaments saying "Oh I'm sure everything will work out! " But for every one of those sanguine types, there would be at least 20-30 saying "OH CRAP. I hope we don't lose everything we've invested in this thing."
  3. Allow me to put on my Vulcan ears and channel Spock: "Given that many serious, possibly insurmountable problems were brought up by David in his August 19th announcement, and he himself was seeking advice on how to proceed, as if he himself no longer knew how to proceed (!), even mentioning alternative products that hadn't been brought up publicly before, and the fact that some will interpret this announcement with the most negative outlook, If the reality is, in fact, better than that worst-case outlook, it would be logical to dispel those worst fears, especially given the zero cost of making such an update." If David wishes to inspire confidence in this project, it is not logical to do everything in your power to create an environment of uncertainty, speculation, confusion, and limbo. Adding updates would only help: every bit information from the very source would only serve to clear up a myriad of speculations. It would be like shedding light on different areas in a dark room.
  4. I would make one correction to your above quote: RIGHTFULLY making suppositions. Considering that in 100 out of 100 cases, no update after a DOWNER or BAD NEWS post means "I can't honestly say anything that will rule out your worst fears, at this time". Again: it wasn't my idea to post a major public announcement calling into question the whole project, the plan thus far, the feasibility of this project, and its future existence. David really seemed to put all options on the table. Even cancelling the project -- he didn't say outright that was the case (in fact he said the opposite), but everything he said in his post tends to support the idea that "this project is cancelled" or at least "I can't see a solution at this time, to bring this product to market as originally promised". Do you understand what I'm saying? He has admitted publicly HE HAS NO PLAN and he hasn't added anything over the weeks to say, "Ok, we've worked out a plan, guys..." even if that plan is to take 5 more years. We have NOTHING. I'm just stating a fact here. If David knew what the heck he was going to do, to bring this thing to market he would have posted an update. That's not just one or two people jumping to such a conclusion, but that is the NATURAL, NORMAL conclusion based on logic and the facts as they are known publicly. Considering that it doesn't cost anything to post an update. A simple "We are looking into a new source of components so we can start selling kits", "We dropped the idea of the Commander X8", or "We are currently developing an FPGA version of the Commander X16" doesn't time time OR money to post. If he has not posted such, there is a REASON he has not posted it. It is not by accident.
  5. Oh, so you're comparing the X16 project to a man who lost his job during the dotcom bubble, deep in debt, and besieged by creditors? My confidence level in the X16 project is improving already. You're basically proving my point. If I were one of those creditors, and I saw you make a super visible post (on your main channel of communication) talking about EVERYTHING being on the table: declaring bankruptcy, leaving the country, becoming a nomad, etc. and then I heard nothing for months, I would be quite worried. My confidence level in ever seeing my money again would be close to zero. That is what David did in the OP, BTW. Just re-read it if you don't believe me. Any illusions of "I have this under control" or "I have a plan, just be patient" were brutally shattered. He didn't outright say the project is dead, just that "people don't live forever" and "Grandma is very sick, Johnny." Just put two and two together. The substance of his next announcement isn't too hard to guess! Again, you're proving my point here. We (supporters of the X16) should all be worried. Not just because we're impatient and this project has been years in-the-making -- but since August 19, 2021 in particular. WE didn't lose confidence in "the plan all along" -- David himself shredded that plan very publicly and dramatically, and we haven't heard anything official from him since. Not the way to inspire confidence. That's all I'm saying. And I'm the biggest fan of this project. Well, tied for first with a bunch of other people, but I digress.
  6. Not everyone is on FB. If he has given updates, he should post those updates here. That is my point. "Then why hasn't David, or another representative of this project, come on here and told us that plan yet?" (on this highly visible forum -- the central location for all news about the project). Some people left FB, Twitter, Youtube, etc. after those platforms became extremely political a few years ago.
  7. I think my post got buried -- I don't know if David noticed it or not. But I want to repeat again: as the leader of this project -- the moral leader, even if he has passed on much of the work to others -- he has represented the leadership in ASKING FOR OUR ADVICE and demonstrating uncertainty as to how to proceed. That *should* cause any supporters to worry. What leader wavers like that publicly? And then lets it "dangle" for almost 2 months in that state? That's not good for the project. I understand he wanted to take a reading, get the pulse of his supporters. I understand. But he's got it. He needs to now JUST AS PUBLICLY make a decision, and try to pick up the pieces so he can BEGIN the process of RESTORING OUR CONFIDENCE in this project. We trust him, yes. But it would seem that our trusted leader is having problems -- problems which could sink the whole project. He is uncertain. He has himself listed POSSIBLY INSURMOUNTABLE obstacles. He needs to reassure us now that he has a NEW, MODIFIED PLAN, that things are back under control, that we should sit tight now and have confidence in him once again. I repeat: it wasn't us who lost trust or confidence in him. He HIMSELF basically said that the old plan was no longer viable. He paraded the old game-plan around as a corpse. And then he left us in that limbo state, where we've been for the last 49 days! He NEEDS to come on here with his NEW, MODIFIED PLAN so we have the OPTION of having confidence in it or not! I was/am as excited about this project as any of us. But even I will admit that this silence basically equals "I can't figure out a way to make this dream happen now" and he can't figure out how to tell us this bad news. Or he can't bring himself to give us the bad news. That's the default meaning of silence in this case. ANY OTHER REALITY needs to be explicitly stated by him at this point. It doesn't matter WHAT killed his dream computer: covid, shortages, economic realities, market dynamics, technical issues, time management conflicts/personal issues among those working on the project, etc. It's not about placing blame. But it sure seems like he wants to say, "I don't know when/how we're ever going to bring this thing to market, guys." But this extremely public wavering/loss of confidence/listing of GRAVE problems with the project, the facts strongly suggesting the possibility of a complete cancelling of the project, followed by 49 days of silence -- not the best recipe for confidence in a project! P.S. I appreciate my fellow retro nerds discussing technical details, but frankly you're arguing about where the deck chairs should be on the Titanic ("port side!" "starboard side!") It doesn't matter! I'm talking about the viability of this project, and you're all arguing about the fine details of a hypothetical product which will likely never see the light of day at this point, according to what I've read from David himself (the original post in this thread). Especially in light of what came afterward: deafening silence. TL;DR ANY OF YOU, PLEASE, tell me what the new gameplan is. And I will respond, "Then why hasn't David, or another representative of this project, come on here and told us that plan yet?" Check and mate. Because any "plan" up till now got shredded publicly, paraded about as a corpse, by David on August 19, 2021. So we can't go by ANY OF THAT. Any information, videos, or posts before that date are basically obsolete.
  8. Hmmm.... I wonder if they're trying to release and cash in on some of that pent-up demand for the X16, before the dev kits become available? There are probably a number of people who like either, but can only afford one. We are talking about $600, not $50. So the first system to market gets the sales from this group of people, and probably their long-term support (developing for the platform) as well.
  9. I am a big fan and a believer in this project. That having been said, there is certainly a downside to David's announcement -- this thread -- posted 1 month 3 days ago as I write this. If you read his post, you will walk away with a general impression of uncertainty about the future of this project, as if everything is in flux now. David publicly questions the direction the project will take, asking US what we want, etc. Nothing says "in flux" like that. Anyone who was trusting in the leadership has to be worried, as the leader himself (apparently) doesn't know what to do! That is certainly a bad thing. No one can deny we are in a different situation post-August 19, 2021 than we were before that. Before that date, we could all assume David has a plan (albeit with some course corrections, etc.) and everything is under control. That would be the natural, default assumption. Virtually all of us here both LIKE the leader (David) as well as trust him. But when the leader lays out tons of problems, suggests everything is in flux, suggests that even he doesn't know what to do next -- what's a devoted supporter to do? We have to be worried, at least. That is going to have a chilling effect on development work, etc. MY POINT: Now that this post has been made, and David has his feedback from the community -- he needs to follow it up -- QUICKLY -- with a firm decision, and a show of leadership, so we can all trust that this project is still going to happen, everything is back under control. Every additional day of "limbo" is only going to hurt the project. Before August 19, 2021, they could go months without posting updates, etc. NOT ANYMORE. At least not until another set plan has been put forward, that we can all re-subscribe to and trust in. P.S. I say this as a big fan of David's work, and a huge believer in the necessity of 8-bit systems like this -- exactly like the X16. Even the world of Star Trek TNG would still need to teach all these concepts (though they don't show it). Unless you can download knowledge into the brain like The Matrix (which, according to my beliefs, will NEVER happen), humanity will never "outgrow" the need for simple, understandable systems like the X16. Babies would have to literally come out of the womb with an understanding of Ohm's Law, digital logic, basic electronics, etc. -- which will never happen.
  10. Perhaps they should release the DIY kits soon, at a price to accommodate "50% increases" in some parts -- and just be transparent about how much they're charging is due to said increase. Also, would it be possible to put most of the "profit margin" into the motherboard/keyboard itself, and sell that separately as an option? Some people might own some of the chips involved already, and might prefer NOT re-buying various ICs and other components. Each person's lab and parts collection is unique. I understand that just giving out the Gerber files and Bill of Materials would bring in 0 revenue for David and his team, who have already invested 5 figures in this project. I'm not asking for that. I'd say make whatever profit you intend to make off the MOTHERBOARD ALONE, and charge near cost for the components. That seems reasonable. After all, their product is the X16 (the motherboard/system they designed), not to be a competitor for Mouser or Digikey. It's possible that the component price increases (mentioned by David) will be permanent, or semi-permanent -- no one knows. But at least we can each do our own personal calculus. Some budgets might demand waiting/hoping for a return to 2019 component prices, while other budgets couldn't care less. Some people actually pay for restaurant (McD, Starbucks, etc.) coffee. Others are more frugal, and dining out isn't in their budget.
  11. Originally this was supposed to be David's "dream computer" built with off-the-shelf parts. An emulated or FPGA experience was a whole different animal; other projects exist that already do this. Heck, how many emulators are there currently, which would run on a raspberry pi? As a 45 year old, I completely understand David's fascination with homebrew PCs and pointing to what-does-what and completely understanding the roles of the different components of the system. Being able to hack anything. Fix any part of it. And teach the system - in toto - to others especially children. 8-bit computers are completely relevant in 2021, by the way. Kids don't come out of the womb these days with infused knowledge of ohm's law, electronic concepts, logic gates, buffers, address lines, etc. No matter how fast our desktop system become, newbies will always have to start at *square one* and that square one can only be so complex before it ceases to be "square one". The point of the X16 is a standard system, which won't change, which can be more-or-less completely understood by one person. That's why the FPGA has to be a no-go. It might be fun to install the X16 EMULATOR on your R Pi or other PC system -- but it's not the same thing. The "phase 3" can only exist if the phase 1 is the "reference" or "real" version of the system. I think the X8 would dilute the market, as David describes (Commodore 128 scenario all over again). Personally looking forward to the kit version of Phase 1.
  12. I agree. No matter how advanced our main desktop/laptop computers become, it's not like a baby born in 2020 has Ohm's Law, Boolean Logic, and hundreds of other concepts in "factory ROM" or something. You have to start with the absolute basics. If anything, modern computers are near-overwhelming, with no single person able to build one themselves. In a way, it's better to have a much slower computer you can understand/fix than a much more powerful one that is essentially magic. But practically speaking, it's good to have both for different reasons. For me, Dave's goal to keep the system understandable, buildable, hackable (discrete components rather than FPGA) is a big plus.
  13. Sounds good! I hope you're going to explore the C (CC65) route -- for some reason, that's the route that seems best to me. When I dive into this, that's probably the route I'll go. I need some good tutorials though to get started.
  14. I am certainly looking forward to buying the kit/DIP and discrete components/hacker version of this board.
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