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  1. Brixx

    This is a Breakout/Blockout/Arkanoid inspired game. 😀. It is my very first try on the X16.
    You have to use a mouse or a joystick (cursor keys + enter on the emulator)
    It's only tested it on the emulator (R37, R38), so if anyone of the few with real hardware can give it a go, I'm eager to know the result.
    Available power ups (no keycodes, you have to catch the dropping badges):
    [L]: adds one live to player [M]: paddle is magnetic for 30 seconds. Can only hold one ball at a time. [C]: twin laser cannon for 15 seconds, 16 rounds in a row (if you are quick). [D]:Duplicates ball, so now you can have fun with 2... Keyboard commands:
    's': sound on/off. 'q': quit game. How to use with the local emulator:
    Unpack ZIP file into the same directory as the emulator. Start the emulator, then enter LOAD"BRIXX.PRG" RUN Let me know what you think...


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  2. Invaderz

    This is a space invaders inspired game. Use the mouse to control the player ship. The shield segments can take 2 hits each.
    Now with 7 playable levels, only basic sound.
    Requires emulator R38!
    more diverse enemy formations enemy attack raids over the sides power ups (shields, double cannon, disruptors etc.) boss enemy joystick control music Different enemy sprites. done Sprite animations. done for player sprite and enemies fade in/out of palettes and backgrounds. done more levels with more backgrounds (all planets of the solar system), done sound effects basics done title screen


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